Well, hello there!  My name is Katie, and I hold up the makeup part of this bargain.  The Macaroni part has four legs and tons (and I mean tons) of fur.  She's just here for the cuteness, really. 

So a little about me.  I grew up outside of Buffalo, NY and lived there until 2000.  Since then, I have been living in Southern New Jersey (although I suppose there's a state-wide dispute of what's actually south, but whatever) and I love it!  I'm only 45 minutes from the ocean, 15 minutes from Philadelphia and New York City is only a train ride away.  It's quite nice.  I love makeup (obviously), but I'm a huge sports fan too!  Hockey and baseball are my favorites and my Mom and I go to Phillies games all the time.  I also love crafting, although I tend to jump around from craft-to-craft and not stick to one thing.  Professional wrestling is a big part of my life and I love comic book things.  One might also say I'm slightly obsessed with Harry Potter.

Macaroni is my cat.  She's the one sitting down in the picture.  I've had her since she was about 8 weeks old so she feels more like my child.  Her Mom is a Maine Coon/Persian mix but the owners of the mother weren't sure what the Dad was since she had gotten out one day and BOOMKITTENS!  (Although I'm sure it was far more long and laborious than that.) So yeah, she's kind of the love of my life.  Her favorite hobbies are laying in the window and screaming at the birds, drinking water from the faucet in my bathtub, playing with all sorts of toys and sleeping.

That other munchkin all up in your face is my other baby, Lupin.  He and Macaroni are about two years apart and I've had Lupin since he was about 12 weeks old.  He's a big ball of fur who likes to turn his body into a noodle when you hold him.  He also likes to run around and scratch at windows and mirrors - anything he sees his reflection in, really.  He is named after my favorite Harry Potter character, Remus Lupin.

So that's me!  I'm a little weird, but whatever, being normal is overrated anyway.

I hope you like my blog!