Sunday, March 15, 2015

Super Haul! L'Oreal La Palette Nude 2 and Elsa Beauty Book Swatches + More!

I'm so terribly sorry that I've been a terrible blogger as of late.  Honestly, since my computer went down it's been a little on the trying side to blog on my iPad.  BUT, I won the raffle for one of the old laptop computers from my work so this is making everything leaps and bounds easier!  And I figured I would come back to my blog with one of my favorite things:  a haul.
A couple friends and I went out shopping on Saturday and we hit up many places and I picked up many things, including some things that I have been searching high and low for so I am pretty stoked!
There's a lot of exciting things in that picture!  The only things I'm not really talking too much about in-depth because I didn't think it would benefit from swatching or first impressions are the L'Oreal Magic Lumi Foundation and the NYX All Over Balm.
The foundation I picked up in W1-2 Porcelain/Light Ivory.  I don't know why but this foundation has been calling my name.  I'll be honest in that it was a little difficult picking out a shade since they have the display sectioned off into Warm, Neutral and Cool colors.  I've always felt that I was on the cooler side since I have the blue veins and I'm just so fair but the lightest shade was too dark for me so I went with the lightest shade in the warm collection.
I've been curious to try the NYX All Over Balm for a while now as I'd seen good things online about it but I never order anything from the NYX website and I hadn't seen them in stores.  When I was at the checkout at Ulta I saw them in those displays by the registers so I decided to pick one up.  It was tough to pick out which one I wanted but I got the Macadamia Nut Oil one.  It smells absolutely amazing and I'm hoping it will help keep my hands happy through the rest of the colder weather this winter and spring.
Now onto the swatchables!  I picked up another of the Maybelline Blooms lipsticks, which are quickly becoming my favorites.  I'm on the obsessed side of the lavender color.  This time I picked up Barely Bloomed, which is their most nude color in the collection.  I also picked up one of the NYX Butter Lipsticks in Hubba Bubba.  I've been on the hunt for that perfect pinky/peachy/nude color so this looked pretty promising!
Left:  Barely Bloomed ; Right:  Hubba Bubba
I had stopped at a Walgreens on the way to meet up with my friends and the entire Elsa collection was out and I was super excited!  I decided to just go with the Beauty Book even though they had another smaller eyeshadow palette with about eight shades and a face palette.  Orly also jumped in on this collection with a bunch of nail polish shades.
No flash
I really love this palette.  It's the same general collection of products that you always find in these but with a few exceptions.  Instead of the usual bronzer that comes with this, you receive an absolutely beautiful face highlighter.  I did swatch it to the left of the eyeliners but you can't really see it.  Trust me, though, it's very pretty.  Also instead of a mascara, you're getting two eyeliners: one sparkly black and one regular black.  The lipgloss is a really pretty bright pink shade even though it's photographing more on the red side.  This palette did go up in price just a little bit from $10 to $12.99 but I still think it's a great value for the quality you get.  The only dud of a shadow to me was Elsa (the purple)  but I think with a base it might do okay. 
Next up was another last minute pick up in the checkout line at Ulta.
I have bought a couple Profusion palettes in the past around the holidays when Walgreens always has a bunch of inexpensive makeup palettes around.  I was impressed with the ones I picked up and there were three of these little palettes at the checkout line with no price.  I figured they couldn't be too expensive so I'd give one a try.  It came up as $2.99 and I think that's pretty good for what you get.  Even the colors I wasn't expecting to be too crazy pigmented ended up being great.  The blues and that green are stunning!  I'm glad I picked this up and I'll definitely be going back for the other ones soon!
No flash
And last but certainly not least, the palette I have been stalking every drug store for, L'Oreal's La Palette Nude 2!  I found mine at Harmon's Face Value and they had both 1 & 2.  I grabbed them both but the more I was looked at 1, the more I couldn't justify spending the $16 since to me it was so much like the Urban Decay Naked 1 palette.  It's the same golden bronze warm palette that I feel like I have a million of.  This one was a little more unique so I decided to just go with this one.  As you can see from the first photo, they are just a hair smaller than the Urban Decay Naked palettes and are completely made of plastic.  They do look quite elegant.  The back of the package has a guide on four different looks.  Opening the palette, you see the 10 shadows, a double-ended brush/sponge applicator and a mirror.  This is a cooler collection of colors than the other palette and will work well for more dramatic looks.  As for the textures, they are very buttery and smooth.  They all swatched very easily and evenly.  I was incredibly surprised by the pigmentation.  I think these shades are beautiful and I can't wait to play!
I will be using all three palettes that I featured here over the next couple weeks and will be back with my usual lookbooks and reviews!  I'm excited to be back in the swing of things!