Sunday, March 29, 2015

e.l.f. Elsa Snow & Ice Beauty Book Review and Lookbook

Happy Sunday! Hope you're all having a fantastic weekend and a relaxing Sunday! Anyone else looking forward to/dreading The Walking Dead season finale? You know someone has to die. It's going to be intense!

I have been playing around for the last couple days with e.l.f.'s newest Disney offering in the Elsa Snow & Ice Beauty Book. Overall, I enjoy it! Here are some of the looks I created:

If you are interested in swatches from this palette feel free to check out this post.

This Beauty Book is on par with the other Beauty Books e.l.f. has been putting out. As I mentioned in the swatch post, the only dud of a shadow in the bunch is the matte purple but to be fair, there aren't many quality matte purples on the market no matter the brand. Purple is tricky!

My favorite part of this Beauty Book is the highlighting powder. It gives off the most beautiful glow and I am completely obsessed. It has a white overlay with a fancy "E" in a snowflake but it goes away after the first couple uses of it. The overlay doesn't effect the powder too much. I'm not sure if this is an existing product that e.l.f. sells on its own since I looked through their website and only saw baked highlighters.

Overall I think this is worth the money. I'm a giant Disney fan anyway so I will continue to buy these as long as they keep putting them out but it certainly doesn't hurt that they actually are quality products.

Have you tried this or any of the other products from the Elsa collection? Are you interested in them if you haven't tried? Let me know in the comments below!