Thursday, November 13, 2014

Influenster #ModaVoxBox Unboxing and Mini Review

Hi! Remember that time I said I was gonna be super good about updating this thing? That was clearly a lie. To be fair, there is SO MUCH TV on right now, amiright?!

Anyway, I do have some photography stuff to post soon. I was off from work for a week a couple weeks ago and my Mom and I went to the Zoo to see the lion cubs while they're still tiny and we went up to New York City to see Rupert Grint (and a bunch of other famous people that don't matter to me) in It's Only A Play. So lots to post about. And I will!

Today, however, is all about my wonderful #ModaVoxBox sent to me from Influenster. I received all of these products for free from them but all opinions on the products showcased below are mine and mine alone. Let's see what's inside!

So very much goodness! I also got this box the first day that I came back from vacation so that was a nice pick-me-up! <3


Some of these products I've been using fairly regularly. I plan on going into a more detailed review of some of the stuff but I'll do brief ones while I'm doing this post.


They actually carry this water at Wawa, our local convince store here in South Jersey, and I've had it several times before receiving this. I am a complete water snob, which I know is the dumbest thing, but I have my Brita for my tap water but I'm always buying bottled water. This brand has been one I would reach for when we were in Wawa since I like the crispness and taste of it. I also like that it has the electrolytes in it since I'm not a big fan of Gatorade or Propel or any of those drinks so it's good for working out, too!

I have been LOVING this stuff. My hands, especially my right hand for some reason, get crazy dry. My knuckles get cracked and my hands just look so beat up. With the cold weather on its way I knew my hands were only going to get worse. Jergens has a #1WeekToGorgeous campaign going, stating that your skin will look healthier and more luminous after using this product for a week. I say resoundingly that this is true. My hands look so healthy and moisturized. I'm happy to have a lotion to turn to that will actually help keep my hands happy.


This has been my first experience with Clairol's Hair Food brand. I used this mask for the first time on Monday and I loved it so much I used it again this morning! My hair isn't terribly damaged but there's some damage there. I tend to get a lot of split ends and my hair starts to look ratty at the bottom but I'm one of those rare girls that hates going to get my hair done so I try to push going to the salon off as much as possible. This mask is going to make that possible. Like I said, I've only used it twice and I see a difference in my hair's health. There was a coupon for $3 off this brand in the box that I will definitely be using. I saw a display the last time I was at Target and I have my eye on a couple things!

Again, the cold weather is right around the corner so these are going to be so necessary for all those sniffly days. I also seem to have a really runny nose in the morning so I've been using these a lot. They're nice and soft and don't give me the dreaded Rudolph nose if I have to blow my nose a couple times.


I've really been enjoying this! The color is nice and has the perfect amount of shine to it, plus it is super comfortable on the lips. The pigmentation is good but it is a buildable product. You can get the stained look by applying it sparingly or a more intense color payoff by layering up.


I can see the intention with this product but I'm not loving it that much. This is a Moisture Renew Lip Liner, which is clear in application. While that's good for the versatility of the product and the ability to wear it with any color lipstick, it also kind of defeats the point of a lip liner. A lip liner helps to prevent feathering and to make sure the product stays where you want it to. Since this product is clear, you can't see where you put it. The formula is a little slippery due the moisturizing properties so my experience has been that it's gotten out of my lip line and allows the feathering of the lipstick.

And last but not least is my new favorite mascara. This is a great formula with a really unique brush. The rounded part allows you to help get a nice curl to your lashes, while the straighter end allows you to easily get into the inner corners and bottom lashes without it being awkward. The formula is pretty buildable and leaves you with voluminous and full looking lashes.

I also got a packet of Swiss Miss Simply Cocoa as well which I oddly don't have a picture of and am honestly too lazy to get up off my couch to grab from my kitchen right now. I still haven't tried it yet since I've been waiting for the perfect chilly night to curl up with it. I'm thinking Sunday while I'm watching The Walking Dead will be the perfect night.

And that's everything I got! Did you get this box? How are you liking it? Would you like to see any more in depth reviews on any of the products? Let me know in the comments below!