Sunday, October 19, 2014

Girl About Town: Harry Potter Festival

Hi! Long time no blog. Sorry about that. The past couple weeks my blogging spark was kind of gone but I'm getting myself back in the groove!

Philadelphia has a lot of tiny subsections that aren't technically separate towns but they feel like it. There is a part called Chestnut a Hill which, as it would happen, is absolutely adorable and has been host to the Harry Potter Festival and Brotherly Love Quidditch Invitational for the past couple years. Being that I just got into Harry Potter this year, I'm happy to have some friends that have been obsessed for years and know about all these cool things. My friend Autumn and I ventured to the festival and we had so much fun! They turn the town part into all the shops from Hogsmeade and Diagon Alley and the college hosts the Quidditch tournament. Unfortunately we got turned around trying to get to the tournament and after walked around for hours we didn't have the patience to go back and find a parking spot so I don't have any photos of that but I have lots from the town!

They had people dressed up like the characters and doing demonstrations. Autumn and I sat in on a Defence Against the Dark Arts class. We didn't have wands though so we couldn't practice properly. We figured since we're both Slytherins we didn't need much Defence anyway.

Then that time when I saw Sirius Black as animagus and human.


We also got fancy glittery dark marks.

This was such a fun event and I love that the whole town buys into it. Most the stores on the main strip take part in the day. I'm sure it's great business for them since a ton of people are there all day. I would love to go back up there to take more pictures since the whole area is just beautiful.

I'm going to try to get the blog back on track. I know I have some lookbooks and reviews to do so I'm going to try to knock those out this week.