Tuesday, September 16, 2014

e.l.f. Beauty Books: Vampire and Enchanted Swatches


I ended up going with Vampire and Enchanted. Vampire SCREAMS fall to me and I love the colors. It has all the warm and cozy fall colors and enough shade variation to help you create all sorts of looks. They also have a couple great shades that will be good for one shadow looks. Enchanted has a palette of purples, pinks and blues that are great for fairies, princesses and anything else super girly and magical.



Unlike the other past Beauty Books, this doesn't contain a mirror and the fold out face chart, but instead just has the face chart on the left and the products on the right. The eyeshadows also don't have names like the Disney ones do so the instructions on the face chart are a little less specific. As for the products, you can see each book contains a pair of false lashes and glue, 8 eyeshadows, an eyeshadow applicator, an eyeliner and a lip gloss.




How beautiful are those colors? Like I said, perfect for fall. This book has a black eyeliner and red lip gloss. The lip gloss also doesn't have a name but is similar in formula to the glosses that come with the other books.

Below are swatches of the shadows. The first photo is without flash and the second is with.

As with most of the Beauty Books, all of the shadows in this palette have shimmer or glitter in them. I think all of these swatched well and built up well if need be.

Below are the lip gloss and the eyeliner. The first photo is with flash and the second is without.

Here are the photos from the Enchanted palette!

The lashes in this book look to be a little more full than the other lashes. The colors are so much fun and so pretty. I love a good colorful palette!

And here are the surprisingly amazing swatches! First photo is with no flash and the second is with.


How dreamy are those? And how stunning is the last color? When I swatched that I couldn't believe how that turned out! I'm in love with all of these! Again, these all have shimmer or glitter in them but for a palette like this I think it's almost necessary.

And below are the white eyeliner and pink lip gloss.

In love!! How about you? Did you pick up any of these palettes? Oh, and by the way, these are only $6! How can you pass these up?

The other two have a bit more of a neutral tone to them. The Wicked one has some greens and browns and the Diva one has blues and darker colors for a smokey look. I think these are great not only for Halloween but even past then!

I already started playing with them so I'll be back next week with my look books and reviews, and I'll be back on Thursday with my LORAC PRO Palette 2 lookbook and review.