Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Weekly Geekly: Sketches

Hi! I figured an awards show recap would probably be a bit boring since odds are you know what happened and obsessed over everything I would be obsessing over so I'm skipping that and going with something else. Baltimore Comic Con is next weekend and I couldn't be more excited. Jon and I didn't go to Philadelphia Wizard World or any of the Monster Mania cons that they have here in South Jersey. Needless to say I am jonesing for some Con action!

One of my favorite parts about Comic Cons is getting custom sketches. I love scoping out the artists that I like and getting some sketches in my sketch book. It's the best. I only really started going to these when I started dating Jon so my collection is a little on the small side but I love what I have so far so I figured I'd show it off!

This is the sketch book that I take. It's nothing special and I got it at Barnes and Noble. If you're looking to go to a Con and get sketches I would highly recommend bringing more than one book or bring one that has perforated edges so if worse comes to worse you can easily rip a page out and leave it. I have a couple more that I found in my room that I'll be bringing with me this year.

I love Poison Ivy and she's always my go-to when I don't know who to get sketched. The last one was totally intentional though since I had Instagram stalked the Wizard World hashtag on Instagram and saw her work. I knew I had to get something from her! Her name is Tania Del Rio if you're interested.

This one I won on Instagram which was awesome! I definitely want to get something else from him in Baltimore!

Love me some Jesse Pinkman!

And those are all the ones I have. Like I said, small but growing collection. I had planned on getting a Lupin sketch from one particular artist who is usually there but I'm not sure if she's going to be there this year. If not, I'll wait until next year and spring on a good Sherlock one! The other nice thing is that not everyone charges for sketches. You do have to understand, however, that these are the bread and butter for a lot of the artists that are there so you will have to pay a bit more if you want an all out sketch. Generally you can get just a sketch done for around $25-$40, but if you want color or multiple characters you'll pay a bit more. I think it's totally worth it though. It's an original work of art!

Are you going to any Cons soon? Have you been to one already and got some awesome sketches? Let me know in the comments below!