Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Weekly Geekly: August Kawaii Box

Hi! Can we talk about how wonderful the timing of these Kawaii Boxes have been? The two that I have gotten have come on Mondays which is the perfect pick-me-up! They just make me smile so much with all the adorableness that lies within!
Alright. I had no idea what this was when I first opened the box. I was informed by my friend at work who works in our China Practice department and can read a little Japanese that this is a soda candy maker. The candy is a bit fizzy. I further investigated on the Blippo website and it pretty much confirmed the same. The package comes with molds so you can make all sorts of fun little candies! I'm excited to give this a try!
Awwwww look at that watermelon! It has a zipper at the top so it's perfect as a coin purse.
This cute little giraffe is going on my keychain immediately! I absolutely adore him!
This little fuzzy panda is just so much love. His other ear didn't want to stick up but I swear it's there!
This little guy has a zipper in the back to put a little something in. He's not very big so you can't fit much in there but good for some emergency change.
I love these pencils! The top little guy on the side is a sharpener and the other three are erasers. So cute!
Yay nail art! These are so pretty! I'm definitely going to be experimenting this weekend with those.
Oh my goodness this little cupcake ring. Aaahhh!!
Aloha Rilakkuma and your adorable sticky notes! I can't wait to use these at work (only for the special people though)!

A sparkly macaroon! I think this is a phone charm but I don't have that little loop on my phone to put it through. I shall have to find another place to keep it!
I love this stationary. It's so darn cute and I love the message at the top!
Another successful and absolutely adorable Kawaii Box! I just love all this stuff.