Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Girl About Town: Phillies vs. Nationals

Hello! I hope you had a fantastical weekend and a very happy Monday! My weekend began with an emergency Lupin vet trip (he's okay now, he was just dehydrated) and then included some Sherlock, some catching up with friends and I finally watched Divergent, which I enjoyed as much as the book. I can finally read the second one since by the time I got it it was so long since I read the first that I didn't remember what happened.

Anyway. Last night my mom and I had a Phillies game and I love when the Nationals come to town as Jayson Werth (a former Phillie in the glory years) comes back and we'll just be blunt: as good of a player as he is, he will always be one of my biggest "celebrity" crushes. Him, Edge (they pretty much look identical) and Benedict Cumberbatch is slowly making his way onto that list. I'm fairly certain that we have another Nationals game in our ticket package but I felt like bringing my camera anyway to snap some shots. Our partial season ticket package is in right/center field because my mom's favorite player is Shane Victorino so we were both by our favorite players. It worked out well but now they're gone and it's sad times at Citizens Bank Park as they are barely drawing a crowd anymore. But that means no long lines for food or bathrooms. Bright side to everything.

AND we won! Exciting times. It was a beautiful night and we had a fun time, aside from the sewage smells that wafted towards the end of the game and when we were driving back to New Jersey. It was quite gross. Bleh.

I will be back tomorrow with Weekly Geekly and that will probably be a whole slew of gushing over the VMAs (Queen B!!) and the Emmys. Probably a lot of videos and more nonsense. Something to look forward to for all of us!