Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Weekly Geekly: Kawaii Box Unboxing

Hi friends! I hope you're all doing absolutely wonderful! It's already Wednesday so we're almost there. Hang in there!
So I know I haven't done an unboxing on here in a long while, mainly because I feel like I've been incredibly underwhelmed by them for the most part. In fact, I unsubscribed from Loot Crate for like a day because they announced their monthly theme was Villians and there's going to be a t-shirt and a variant cover from Marvel and I just couldn't not get that. I'm getting to be a little over the makeup boxes because I never use the stuff I get so I'm on the fence about those. But can we talk about one that I'm thrilled I subscribed to? It is called Kawaii Box and I learned about this on Twinkie Chan's blog and fell in love. Everything was so adorable and there was Hello Kitty so how could I say no!?
On Monday I got my first Kawaii Box in the mail at work and it was the absolute best pick-me-up on a stormy Monday that I could ask for. Want to see what I got? Take a look below!
Yes, that is a hand-written note with an adorable bunny drawn on there! And a cat! With hearts! I love you too!
This is a giant plush strawberry keychain. And guess what? It smells like strawberries, too! Delish!
This is a squishy little bear keychain. I don't know if he's supposed to look like bread or a marshmallow but either way, so stinking cute!
These are Juicy Hi-Chew candies and are a Peach flavored. I thought this was gum but I was told that it is candy. Either way, I love peach flavored anything, so yum!
Aaahhh!!! I got a little bow for my phone!!! Isn't that just the cutest thing ever? And this is so me. In fact, a couple people from work said if they found this phone sitting anywhere absent a person they would know it belongs to me. I love it!
Eeeee look at these little sticky notes!!! They're little animals!!! Aaaaahhh!!! I love these so much and I can't wait to use them at work! I guess people will know how to take the note if the animals are frowning or smiling.

These adorable stickers are adorable. They are good for use anytime and are just so happy! I love all the little animals on there and the illustrations. Aaaahh!!
This is a macaroon eraser. Yes, a macaroon eraser. It even comes apart. I'm never going to erase with this but it will live on my desk in all it's adorable glory.
These are strawberry hair clips to go with my strawberry keychain.
Look at this panda pencil! It even looks like bamboo!
And then look at this bear bag! I am going to be bringing my lunch in this guy every single day. He is the cutest bear ever.
I am a bear when people wake me up, but at least now I'll be an adorable panda!!
Holy cow. Are you still standing from the cuteness overload?! Is that not the happiest and most adorable collection of things you've ever seen in your life?! I am totally hanging onto this box and I cannot wait to see what I get next month! If you would like to subscribe, you can go here. It is $18.90 a month and they ship worldwide. It ships from Singapore and only took about a week to get to me, which isn't bad at all!
Have you subscribed to Kawaii Box? Do you love it? Of course you do, but tell me about it in the comments below!