Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Weekly Geekly: Girl Power #1

I was having a somewhat difficult time coming up with an idea for this week's Weekly Geekly but Jon gave me a good idea to talk about the different comic books that feature female leads. Being that those comics are the only ones I seem to read I thought that was a great idea! And since I'm a slow comic book reader and there are some series I have yet to start, I figured I would go one-by-one with the series and stretch it out a little bit. Today we're going to start with a series I'm really enjoying: Harley Quinn!
This comic is written by wife/husband duo Amanda Conner and Jimmy Palmiotti, and is illustrated by Stephane Roux. The story follows Harley as she moves to Coney Island in Brooklyn, NY to begin her life again. She takes up shop as the owner of a building that rents to a host of characters while getting herself a new job and avoiding the bounty hunters that are after her.
This comic is what you would expect from a Harley Quinn comic and that's why I love it so much. It's incredibly quirky and funny and maintains Harley's charming and eccentric personality. Her love of animals shows through in many of the issues and her friendship with her road kill beaver is pretty funny.
I'm also a complete sucker for this comic since Poison Ivy is in it a lot and she is hands down my favorite comic book character ever. I don't know why but ever since I was little and I would watch the animated series with my brother I just loved her. I adore the way they draw her in this series and I love how her smarts and take-control attitude balances out Harley's "innocence" perfectly.
I think this series is great if you're just looking for a light and fun series to read. There's plenty of super serious and dark comic books out there and I love that this one is really entertaining and light. There's violence and a some graphic content (a lot of people seem to get impaled on things, like rhino horns for example) so this isn't for young readers necessarily, but for those of you who can handle a little violence and a lot of quirky, this is right up your ally!
Have you checked out this series or are you reading another one that you're loving? Let me know in the comments below! I've been reading Wonder Woman, Birds of Prey and Catwoman in the trades and I've loved those. Storm is getting her own book soon that I need to read as she is probably my second favorite comic book character, and I believe that Black Widow has a series of her own that I'd like to check out. I'll be sure to check back in as I read through them!