Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Weekly Geekly: The British Invasion of My Life.

Firstly, sorry about the absence.  Fourth of July, blah blah blah.  I really had nothing to photograph and even though this blog is partially about my cats, I have to imagine people are probably getting sick of cat pictures every Friday.  I swear I had intended to make that more exciting.  I’m going to try to go into town this Friday and take some pictures around Haddonfield.  We shall see.  I also really had intended on doing Makeup Monday but [insert excuse here].

Secondly, I also apologize for this blog not being in Times New Roman anymore.  I feel as though Verdana, or whatever other font Blogsy was forcing on me, looks too cartoony.  I’m old-fashioned and I like my stoic fonts. 

So today’s Weekly Geekly is brought to you by Great Britain and the fact that everything from that country is slowly but surely taking over my life.  It all started with Harry Potter.  It was all downhill from there.  Now I’m watching British TV shows, eating British food, drinking so much tea even though it’s 90 degrees outside and craving shortbread every night.  There’s a British restaurant and gift shop in Haddonfield and that’s the only place I want to eat and shop at lately.  To top it all off, I have never actually been across the pond so it makes me have these incredibly lofty expectations of the country.

Jon and I were watching Kitchen Nightmares on BBC a couple weeks ago and they had a commercial for a show called Almost Royal, starring Georgie and Poppy Carlton, two aristocrats that are very far down the line to be taking over the throne.  Their father died (he was shooting his gun and the bullet hit the sign about gun safety and ricocheted back at his head – a waste of a life and a sign) and his dying wish was for his children to tour America as it was his favorite place.  I’m certain that this show is like Da Ali G show in that they’re not really royal and they are actors but the people they are meeting with along the way actually think they are royalty.  They’ve been to LA, Boston, Philadelphia, Texas and New York City so far and this show makes me laugh like crazy and brings me so much joy.  I’ve been telling everyone that will listen about it.  The show is current and is on Saturdays.  I believe that there are only six episodes, which is the only thing I hate about British TV is that their seasons are so short!  Plus the show is only thirty minutes so it makes it seem even shorter.  It’s worth catching up on, though, since you will laugh at all of it.  It’s so much fun.

I got out of work early last Thursday due to the holiday and when I got home, I decided I wanted to
start watching something new on Netflix.  Doctor Who is always on my radar, but there’s so much to catch up on and I’m never ready to make the commitment.  I decided to start watching Sherlock instead, since there were only three seasons, and after investigating further, there were only three episodes in each season.  That seemed doable.  Needless to say, I had the most un-American 4th of July as I spent most of my day watching Sherlock (and then topped it off by eating Chinese Food).  I am so beyond in love with this show.  Benedict Cumberbatch is absolutely brilliant as Sherlock.  He’s like the British Sheldon Cooper:  delightfully quirky, yet you have a feeling you would kill him if you knew him if he wasn’t so darn loveable.  I absolutely love what they did with Watson as well in making him a full character with his own quirks and weaknesses instead of making him a secondary character only there to highlight Sherlock.  In fact, everyone in that show is a wonderful, fully developed character that it’s hard not to get completely entranced and obsessed with the show.  So obsessed, in fact, that the fact that I only have two more episodes left to watch is making me incredibly sad.  I’ve been trying to figure out who I can make watch the show with me so I can relive the whole thing again.  Plus now I’ll be able to really enjoy the craze once the new episodes come out (CAUTION:  link contains spoilers).  That is so incredibly exciting!  Also, that show really makes me want Sherlock’s jacket, which I have admittedly researched and found that I can get a similar one for $200, which is fine since a nice jacket is an investment.

I think that once I’m done with Sherlock, I’m just going to take the plunge into Doctor Who and see what happens.  I don’t really watch much in the summer (really only Under The Dome which I always forget about, and True Blood) so I’m open to making the commitment.  No better time than the present!

Also, I need to get down to Universal Studios to go to Diagon Alley and Hogwarts.  I haven’t been down there since high school and now I want to go so sickeningly badly.  It needs to happen this fall! 

Have you gotten yourself addicted to all of the wonderful things the Brits have to offer?  Is there anything else I’m missing out on?  Let me know in the comments below!