Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Weekly Geekly: The Importance of a Nerd Friend At Work

Happy Wednesday!  Hope you're all having a fantastic week so far. 

A small heads up that next week's Weekly Geekly is going to be all about Harry Potter.  I'm going to watch the final movie tonight so I can get a full recap together.  It's a sad time that I'm done with it but I think it will be a nice series to revisit in the cold times.

Today's Weekly Geekly is brought to you by the fact that I feel incredibly blessed to have so many nerdy friends at work that I can't even imagine being somewhere that I wouldn't have them.  I think I take it for granted since I feel like there's a lot of closet nerds in the world who are afraid to let their nerd flag fly at work.  Don't be ashamed!

It's a tough world out there being that you obviously can pick your friends outside of work, but you can't choose the people you work with (most of the time- there are obviously exceptions), and odds are that unless you work at a comic shop or, say, Hot Topic, you aren't going to just let your inner nerd out. right off the bat  You may wait until someone drops a hint that they might be a nerd and then investigate.

For instance, and this is one of my nerd friends that I'm not as close with, probably because he's never here: I thought I had seen him at Wizard World last year but wasn't sure if it was him since he was newer at the time.  The Monday after I asked him and he seemed so nervous about admitting that he was there!  There's no need for that!  Comic conventions are fun and screw the people who think otherwise.

As I said, I feel lucky to have as many nerd friends as I do.  Most of us can bond over Walking Dead since many people in my office watch that show.  A lot of them watch Game of Thrones (which I do not), most of us love to go see the new superhero movies, and many of us watch Big Bang Theory, to name a few.

I was happy to have someone at work that I could geek out about all the happenings in Harry Potter to every day; someone who understood my grief over character's deaths.  It was nice to have someone relate to what I was going through because they felt it, too!

There's a few of us who plan on having a book club as well, so we'll see how that goes.  I'm hoping it goes like the book club on The Office but we'll see... I'm not sure that everyone shares my vision.

So, in conclusion, if you are nerd-friend-free at work, odds are you just aren't looking hard enough.  You probably have something nerdy in common with at least someone in your office or workplace, you just need to find that one person, or if you're lucky, people.  And once you find them, don't let go!  Nerd friends are the best kind of friends!

On another program-related note, I'm going to make a really solid effort this week to start my Photography Fridays.  Fingers crossed that it actually happens.  I'm going to have a new subject to photograph so hopefully I'll be back on Friday!