Saturday, June 28, 2014

Photography Friday on Saturday: NHL Draft 2014

Oh man, we're switching it up! I knew I was going to be doing Photography Friday on Saturday and I meant to mention it on Wednesday but it didn't happen. I had to take Lupin to the vet yesterday so I knew I wasn't going to be going anywhere fun, plus I knew I was doing something fun today!
The NHL Entry Draft is being hosted in Philadelphia this year and since everything is free, my dad, Jon and I decided to go. My Dad and I went in 1998 when it was in Buffalo and we got free things and a picture with the Stanley Cup so we figured why not? We didn't get anything free this time but we still enjoyed it!
Can I be honest and say that I was more excited for the Marvel Live Superhero Training than I was for the draft? Marvel Live is on tour this summer and Jon and I already have tickets, but they had a fun attraction to promote the show. I got to throw Thor's hammer at Loki through a hula hoop (I just barely grazed him), smash a wall with Hulk's fist (I killed that!), shoot arrows at Rhino a la Hawkeye (they were Nerf arrows and kept going just wide of him) and then put on some boxing gloves and beat up those heavy bag men things (putting my boxing training to good use). It was so much fun and at the end of it I got a Superhero Badge but the picture they took turned out super blurry. Womp womp. Oh well, I had more fun playing with the props!

Then we headed inside where they had all of the NHL trophies on display. They're all so neat in their own way.
Then we raced down the concourse to get in line for a photo with the Stanley Cup. I was so bummed because we were in the inner part of the line and Ted Nolan, the head coach of my team the Buffalo Sabres, walked by and I couldn't get out of line to get a picture with him. Sadface. But I got a picture with the Stanley Cup!

And then we headed up to the top level and took in some of the draft! The Sabres had three draft picks in the second round, which is what we were seeing since the first round was on Friday.
And that was my morning! We got there at 8:30 and were done by 11:00 and now there's so much day that I don't know what to do! Macaroni and Lupin had some good interactions so that's exciting!
I'll see you on Monday for my elf Ariel palette review!