Friday, June 13, 2014

Photography Friday: Meet Lupin!

Happy Friday! I told you I had a new subject to shoot for my first Photography Friday and here he is!
Say hello to Lupin! He is a two-month old medium-haired domestic mix cat that I adopted from the Animal Welfare Association of New Jersey yesterday. He is the biggest love bug ever and finds it completely unacceptable not to pet him. He purrs like crazy, loves belly rubs and chases his tail on an almost constant basis.
Macaroni isn't loving this idea yet but I figured it wouldn't happen overnight. Hopefully they start playing paws and getting used to one another.
The Animal Welfare Association is in a competition as one of 50 shelters picked nationwide by Rachel Ray and the ASPCA to adopt out 1,200 animals from June 1 - August 31. This is all in an effort to get $100,000 to go toward the shelter. If you are looking for a pet and live in the South Jersey/Philadelphia/Delaware area, you can check out the shelter's website here.
It's also National Adopt A Cat Month so even if you aren't in the area, consider adopting a cat and save a life! They'll love you for it forever.