Monday, June 16, 2014

Makeup Monday: Summer Beauty Tips

Hello and Happy Monday! I wonder how many times I open up these posts with the same thing. ;)
Hope you all had a great weekend and enjoyed your Father's Day! My Dad and I went to the Phillies game as we do every year. They played the Cubs and lost so that's encouraging. At least the next game I'm going to is a fireworks game so if nothing else, I get to see a great show.
Being that I was at an afternoon game and it actually has been getting a little hotter and sunnier around these parts, I was woefully reminded of some summer beauty tips I stand by every year. I just happened to completely forget to apply any of them yesterday!
Sunscreen Is Your Friend
There are few things worse in life than sunburn. Not only is it obviously bad for your skin, but it is painful and it always looks terrible. The raccoon eye look is never a good one, nor is a farmers tan, both of which I got yesterday. If you know you're going to be outside all day, wear your sunscreen! And don't forget to bring some with you so you can reapply throughout the day. Belonging to subscription boxes like ipsy and Birchbox are great for getting small travel sized sunscreen bottles that are light and easy to carry in your bag. And don't forget to put some on your face. If you have sensitive skin, try to find a moisturizer or foundation that has some in it so you don't break out.
Waterproof Products Are Your BFF
Inevitably, if you spend any amount of time outside in the 90 degree weather, you're going to sweat. This could spell disaster for your makeup, especially your eye makeup. Waterproof mascara is not only great for the pool but for any day that you plan on spending outside. Eyeliners that are waterproof will also help you to not look like a panda. A lot of gel eyeliners are great for summer if you like to wing out your liner. Many of them are smudge proof and last well in hotter weather.
Find A Tinted Moisturizer or BB Cream That You Love
Foundations can often feel heavy, and when you're sweating all day it will break down incredibly easily and it will just feel gross. Tinted moisturizers and BB or CC and all of those creams are great for warmer weather. Many of them contain SPF (tip #1 is taken care of) not to mention numerous other skin benefits depending on what you choose to go with. These products also help to cut down on get-ready time since you're lumping a couple steps into one! That means more time at the beach!
Find A Good Lotion
If you worship the sun, your skin is going to start to need some extra nourishment and moisture. And even if you don't sit in the sun often, chances are you'll be showing more skin. Be sure to keep your skin looking its best by slathering it with lotion morning and night. Make sure to give your feet some love after wearing flip flops and sandals all the time! I've been loving putting a bunch of lotion on my feet and wearing heavy socks to bed. I wake up with my feet in better shape than the day before!
Keep It Simple
To me, the fall and winter months are more for the dramatic, dark looks. In the spring and summer, it's fun to play with colors, be it bright lips or bright eyes. While I'm certainly not against playing with colors and having fun, I generally like to keep it on the simple side. Lately, I've been just using my bronzer in my crease and my blush as eyeshadow before upping the drama a bit with some winged liner and mascara. I haven't been into contouring too heavily and am just enjoying the all over glow look, topped off by a shimmery coral blush. I've been using my Mary Kay Bronzer and Shy blush. Lastly I go for a glossy pink or coral lip. It's just nice and light feeling and just looks fresh. If I do end up wanting to go for something more dramatic, my smokey eye will almost always have a bronzey or coppery base and then I'll use warm browns to bump up the drama.
Last, and most importantly, STAY HYDRATED
It is always important to take in the proper amount of water no matter what the season, but with all the sweating and heat it is extra important to be sure to drink water all day every day. Not only will you feel better physically but your skin will thank you with a healthy glow.
Do you have any summer beauty tips to add? Let me know by leaving a comment below!
As always, thanks for stopping by and I'll talk to you again on Wednesday!