Monday, June 30, 2014

Makeup Monday: e.l.f. Ariel Treasure Within Beauty Book Lookbook and Review

Hi! Hope you all had a great weekend! As promised, I'm back with a review of the e.l.f. Ariel Treasure Within Beauty Book! You can see swatches of that here.
First I'll show you guys some of the looks that I created with the book. I couldn't get one of my favorite ones to show up too well on camera which was a bummer and I look so much tanner in all these pictures than I am in life! I wish!

First off, sorry not sorry about my eyebrows. I hate super perfect sculpted looking eyebrows. I like the natural look, even if it means getting slightly lazy about it.
But anyway, onto the palette! I really liked this palette a lot more than I thought I would. Initially I wasn't crazy about it at all, mostly because I get really high expectations with the pigmentation of colorful shadows and expect them to be crazy pigmented and in your face. Don't get me wrong, the colors are pigmented but they're not totally opaque. There's a nice sheerness to them that make them wearable for people who aren't entirely comfortable with wearing bold colors or are just starting to experiment with them. The shadows also hold up nicely throughout the day which is a huge plus. I even found that the colors held up nicely! It was a really pleasant surprise.
The last two looks are the looks from the lookbook that is included in the palette. The first one is the look on the right called Sunset Cruise and the last one is the look on the left called On The Beach. Admittedly when I was first putting on the Sunset Cruise look, I hated it so much. I think once I put the eyeliner on it helped make it look more together. I also toned down the purple a little bit with one of the neutral colors in the palette since it just seemed a little much. The On The Beach look is really nice and fun and perfect for every day. The blue color is enough of a small pop that doesn't overwhelm the look.
The two bronzers are nice too. I like the the lightest color for contouring and the darker color is a nice blush actually. I used it today for the first time and I'm enjoying it!
The lip gloss I've been using over lipstick and it adds such a nice shine. It lasts as well as any gloss does but the consistency is really comfortable and the smell is amazing!
Overall, for $10 I think this is a great steal. Like I said, the colors are sheer so if you're not big into colors you can use them as accents or not at all. The neatral colors are really nice quality and I think the Siren Song color is actually my favorite! If you're able to snatch this up I would suggest it. It's a really fun palette for summer, especially if you're doing any traveling since it's pretty compact as far as packaging goes and it has enough in there to replace most of what you'd bring with you anyway.
Have you come across this in your local Walgreens? Do you like it? Let me know in the comments below!

Saturday, June 28, 2014

Photography Friday on Saturday: NHL Draft 2014

Oh man, we're switching it up! I knew I was going to be doing Photography Friday on Saturday and I meant to mention it on Wednesday but it didn't happen. I had to take Lupin to the vet yesterday so I knew I wasn't going to be going anywhere fun, plus I knew I was doing something fun today!
The NHL Entry Draft is being hosted in Philadelphia this year and since everything is free, my dad, Jon and I decided to go. My Dad and I went in 1998 when it was in Buffalo and we got free things and a picture with the Stanley Cup so we figured why not? We didn't get anything free this time but we still enjoyed it!
Can I be honest and say that I was more excited for the Marvel Live Superhero Training than I was for the draft? Marvel Live is on tour this summer and Jon and I already have tickets, but they had a fun attraction to promote the show. I got to throw Thor's hammer at Loki through a hula hoop (I just barely grazed him), smash a wall with Hulk's fist (I killed that!), shoot arrows at Rhino a la Hawkeye (they were Nerf arrows and kept going just wide of him) and then put on some boxing gloves and beat up those heavy bag men things (putting my boxing training to good use). It was so much fun and at the end of it I got a Superhero Badge but the picture they took turned out super blurry. Womp womp. Oh well, I had more fun playing with the props!

Then we headed inside where they had all of the NHL trophies on display. They're all so neat in their own way.
Then we raced down the concourse to get in line for a photo with the Stanley Cup. I was so bummed because we were in the inner part of the line and Ted Nolan, the head coach of my team the Buffalo Sabres, walked by and I couldn't get out of line to get a picture with him. Sadface. But I got a picture with the Stanley Cup!

And then we headed up to the top level and took in some of the draft! The Sabres had three draft picks in the second round, which is what we were seeing since the first round was on Friday.
And that was my morning! We got there at 8:30 and were done by 11:00 and now there's so much day that I don't know what to do! Macaroni and Lupin had some good interactions so that's exciting!
I'll see you on Monday for my elf Ariel palette review!

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Weekly Geekly: How To Concert Properly

Hi friends! Hope you're all having a fantastic day. Today I'm taking a slight detour from the normal geeky things because, let's face it, geeks come in different forms. While I normally talk about things considered geeky in the comic book/book variety, today I'm going on a limb with my music geekiness.
Since summer time is generally my concert season, I start to find myself getting annoyed at how people act at concerts. I'm sure there will be some disagreements with some of the things I have to say, but I go to concerts all the time and these are generally things that are done wrong.
Yes, I get it. You want to take a picture of Beyonce or a video of her singing your favorite song so you can listen to it forever (even though you've been singing along crazy loud so when you go back to watch you only hear yourself singing it very off-key [I speak from experience :(]). A couple pictures here and there are fine, a quick video is whatever, but stop trying to take a picture every five seconds. What are you going to do with them? You'll post a couple to Instagram and then you have 100 pictures that are probably out of focus and messed up from the lighting sitting on your phone taking up space. You're paying quite a bit of money to go to this concert and so are the people around you. I can 100% guarantee that the people behind you didn't pay what they paid to watch the concert through your phone screen. I was at a Lumineers concert last year and when they started playing "Ho Hey" everyone took out their phones and they actually stopped and told everyone to put them away. Be present.
I HATE general admission shows. HAAAATE. I like having a seat and my own space, but even that doesn't work out sometimes. Yes we all like to dance, yes we all want to move around to the music, but give the people next to you some space. On the other hand, and this is really tough for me because I don't want to contradict, but there are some boring and lame people out there who go to concerts and can sit like a rock the whole time. I don't understand it since I relate the most to life through music and have always been musical my whole life, but some people just want to listen. If you're at a show, feel out the vibe. If most of the crowd is sitting and you want to get up and dance, sorry but you'll have to bite the bullet and chair dance, unless you're in the back then you can dance your heart out!
I don't drink. Never have and never will. It never appealed to me in the slightest bit but I get why people do. I don't understand why people get absolutely obliterated at concerts, however. Odds are you're going to be in a hot, crowded space being bumped around left and right. The last thing you need is to be that person that can't even stand up on your own or, even worse, falling down in a sea of people who can't always see you. People get trampled and hurt all the time at shows. You also don't want to vomit because you will make no friends that way. Plus, again, concerts aren't cheap. Why would you want to ruin the experience and waste your money being completely wasted. Drink responsibly!
Last summer, my friend and I went to two concerts together. The first was Beyonce. There were girls in the tightest dresses I've ever seen and heels that were sky high. The second one was Jay Z and Justin Timberlake. The girls were in jeans/shorts and t-shirts. Aside from the ass-backwardness of that, why would you get so dressed up when you're just going to sweat it all off? My brother, who lives a block away from the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, walked by the arena when there was a line outside for the Beyonce concert that wrapped around the building several times. The concert that day ended up getting pushed back a couple hours because of construction on the subway or something so all these poor girls just started to melt. Even if the concert is inside, you're up and dancing and sweating your butt off. All that hard work will be for naught when all is said and done. Plus, your feet are going to HURT if you wear those crazy shoes. I love wearing super high heels but not when I'm going to be standing for two hours. Be practical in what you wear. Beyonce isn't going to love you any less if you leave your Freakum Dress at home.
So that's what I have. Anyone else have any concert pet peeves? Anyone going to any concerts this summer? I'm going to Beyonce and Jay Z next Saturday and I am so excited! I thought that when Jay Z ran out at the end of Bey's concert last year would be the only time I would see them together. Who knew?! Leave me a comment down below with your concert plans and peeves!

Monday, June 23, 2014

Makeup Monday: e.l.f. Ariel Treasure a Within Beauty Book Swatches

Hello and happy Monday! I hope you all had a great weekend! Jon and I didn't do a whole lot. On Friday night we went to see Jersey Boys the movie, which didn't live up to the musical in my opinion. The musical is so energetic and I feel like that was lost in translation. Saturday and Sunday were lazy days with some running around done and some LEGO Movie watching.
I was actually a little excited to go to work on this sleepy Monday morning because my e.l.f. Ariel Treasure Within Beauty Book came in! I was stalking every Walgreens in my area and ended up finding it on! It shipped crazy fast as I just ordered it on Wednesday and arrived on Friday. Exciting times! Let's take a look, shall we?
The book is really cute and a nice size. The packaging is pretty minimal considering the size (there's no additional bulk) and it has those nice little elastics in the corner so that it stays closed. And how cute is that art work?!
When you open up the book, this is what you see! On the left is a cute seashell with a built-in mirror (it is one of the funhouse type mirrors though), a cute little bookmark looking piece in the middle and then the products on the right. You're able to open up the mirror side into a lookbook as you usually are with e.l.f.'s previous Diney palettes.
The left look is called On The Beach and the right look is called Sunset Cruise. The left side is obviously the more colorful look and right right side is a bit more dramatic. The instructions are all step-by-step and list out the products in each step.

Now onto the products! There are nine Ariel-themed eyeshadows as well as an eyeshadow brush. Siren Song actually photographed way redder than it is as it's more of a coppery brownish red in person.
There are two bronzers included as well as a Bronzer brush that I forgot to get a close-up of, but it's really not all too special. It's reminiscent of the blush brushes you get in drug store blush compacts. And lastly is a pinkish lip gloss.
Swatches left to right are: Sand Dollar, Coral Reef, Tropical Wave, North Star, For Shore, Siren Song, Seaweed, Seashell, Brilliant Sea, Conch Shell (Bronzer) and Tan Lines (Bronzer). I didn't realize when swatching but all of the shadows quite obviously have some shimmer going on with the exception of Seashell (the purple color). These are all swatched over Too Faced Shadow Insurance and I think many of the colors will benefit from a base color as well since I had to really layer up on these colors for them to show.
And this is the lip gloss in Pink. I generally have liked these lip glosses that I've gotten in these things so hopefully this one will be equally likeable!
So that's everything! I'm planning on using this throughout the week so that Makeup Monday next week can be the review.
Have you picked this up? How are you liking it? Let me know in the comments below.

Friday, June 20, 2014

Photography Friday: More Macaroni and Lupin

Happy Friday to you!! Hope you have a fun weekend planned! Jon and I are going to see Jersey Boys tonight and I am so excited! I love that musical and I have to imagine the movie is going to be perfection.
I fully intended on getting up and going to another zoo about 45 minutes away from me that has some beautiful white tigers, but I had a later night than I anticipated last night since my friend and I got last minute Zac Brown Band pit tickets so we went to that. What an amazing show that was.

Not too often do you go to a country show and have them close playing Enter Sandman. I didn't get to bed until midnight and with the early morning wake up call of my two furry children, I didn't really feel like driving down there. So I just took a couple more pictures of the animals in my apartment!
Lupin's starting to get a little bigger and it's looking like he's going to be a big kitty anyway!
So now I shall finish watching a Murder In The First, or as I like to refer to it as, the show in which the Malfoys ran away to America and Draco got a muggle job but couldn't help himself from killing people with magic. Hope you all have a wonderful weekend and I'll see you again on Monday!