Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Weekly Geekly: Irrationalities of a Fan girl

Oh, hey there! Sorry for my absense. Remember when I said that giving myself a schedule was going to be a good thing? Yeah, well, Harry Potter is making that a bit difficult at the moment. Which is what inspired this post, really. It's not a Harry Potter post (not yet. I'm planning on doing a whole, long post when I'm done with the whole series), but I have discovered my inner fan girl all over again. It's been in hiding, just waiting to come out. I was a fan girl when I was little, and I will be a fan girl until the day I die. I just needed something to reawaken her.
On that note, I've also rediscovered how irrational I can be when I fan girl. I think we can all admit some irrationality when it comes to our series or book or movie or what have you, and everyone attaches themselves to one character especially. So, for sake of using examples, when needed, I will be referring to my current fan girl favorite in Remus Lupin.
Number One: Your Pinterest, Etsy, etc. accounts are LITTERED with merchandise, quotes, pictures, clothes, etc. from whatever or whomever your fan girl target is.
I admittedly had to make myself a Harry Potter board on Pinterest because my standard Nerd board wasn't enough. I have wands in mind that I want (yes, the Lupin wand), clothes that I need in my life, a cute Moony necklace, a Marauders Map mug, and so on and so fourth. There is not enough money that I can make in a lifetime to justify buying the Hogwarts Lego set for $500 on Amazon from someone who probably already built it and lost three key pieces but it still needs to be in consideration.
Number Two: No matter what the source material tells you, you will fight until you are blue in the face that your favorite character was justified in every single thing they did, no matter how terrible they might be.
You just can't accept that they aren't the best thing ever. They don't need to be perfect, but they are your person, and in some ways an extension of you, so there is no way that they are terrible. They could be the ultimate bad guy but you just can't find a fault. For instance, I won't accept that Lupin was ever a bad person, he's just guilty by association. He ran with a crew who liked to make fun of Snape but he didn't do much himself. He just wanted to read his book. Granted, I'm just done with the fifth book so for all I know, he could murder a town of people in the next two books, but I'm sure that he'd have his reasons.
Number Three: No love interest will ever be good enough for them. Period. End of story. (Except for you, of course.)
I don't really feel like I need to elaborate. You all know that feel.
Number Four: If you fan girl over a character from a book or comic book that is made into a movie or TV show, the person who plays your character will initially not be good enough to play that character. However, they start to grow on you and then you need to know everything about that actor and see everything that they're in.
I feel like people are never happy with the person who brings a written character to life. There's some instances that are exceptions (the Golden Trio jumps to my mind), but there are times when it just doesn't seem to work. Again, for my example, when I first watched Prisoner of Azkaban, I was not in at all with David Thewlis as Lupin. He wasn't at all how I pictured Lupin would look and I wasn't accepting it at all. But then he just grew on me, and I wanted to explore David's work more. And truly, the actors end up becoming just as close with that character as you are so it's easy to let them in. Eventually. Some screening in necessary.
Number Five: Similarly, you get SO MAD if your characters' big presence in the comic book or book is minimized in the movie.
I have to take it to Lupin again on this one. As I said, I just finished the fifth book (Order of the Phoenix) and I have been reading the book and then watching the movie. Lupin had a decent presence in the book, however, in the movie he was beary there. And it's an injustice.
Number Six: Your favorite characters' death puts you in mourning that is equal to losing a family member.
I haven't gotten to Lupin's death yet but I know he does die. Sirius Black is probably towards the tail end of my top ten favorite characters and when he died, I lost a piece of my heart and my day wasn't the same. I wore all black that day and didn't care. It was terrible. I'm not even ready for Lupin to die. It's going to be a terrible couple of days.
Number Seven: When your book, movie, series, what have you comes to an end, you really just don't know what to do with the empty void in your soul.
That's all I have, although I know there are so much more. What other fan girl irrationalities do you experience? Have you experienced any of the above? Let me know in the comics below!