Wednesday, April 23, 2014

April Loot Crate Unboxing : Dragon

Whether you're a geek or not, you gotta love dragons, amiright? I mean, they're the coolest things ever. They fly, they breathe fire, they're just stunningly beautiful. Or maybe it's because I'm a fire sign that I love them so much. Either way, I was excited when they revealed that this month's crate was going to be centered around them!

In Issue 9, we learn about the history and folklore associated with the dragon; we get firmiliar with Panser, who is better known as TradeChat on YouTube or Danielle from season 1 of King of the Nerds; test our Game of Thrones knowledge; and learn all about Elder Scrolls Online. 

Now onto the epic loot!

Elder Scrolls Online Exclusive Figure | Symbiote Studios & Bethesda
You won't find this ANYWHERE else; it's just for Looters! Dragons, long lost to the passages of the Elder Scrolls, have returned to Tamriel, and the future of the Empire hangs in the balance. This Nord figure will gloriously decorate any desk or shelf to remind you of your strength, your power, and your unique skills. Claim your destiny!

I've said it before that I can really only play kids video games, not ones where you have to walk around for hours, so I don't know a ton about this game but oh my goodness, this guy is adorable. His little helmet comes off, too!

Game of Thrones Mystery Mini | Funko & HBO
You're never quite sure what's going to happen next in Game of Thrones. Who's going to die? Whose well-laid plans will unravel in one solitary moment? Will Jon Snow ever know anything? The surprise might be the best thing about the series. That, or the witty insults. Keep the element of surprise alive with this Game of a Thrones Mystery Mini. 

Okay, so I don't watch this show (now that it's all on demand I think I'm going to try, though!) but my boss loves this show. Funny enough, I've been buying her these things like crazy to put in her office and they are difficult to find! And even better, she doesn't have this one!

Dragon Jerky | Harcos Labs & Loot Crate Labs
Whether you're traveling to Erebor through the Misty Mountains, or riding across the open plains of Skyrim, you're going to need sustenance. Provisions will grant you high stamina, high spirits, and overall battle-readiness. Good thing we've got your back for any sudden tough terrain or enemies that you might face. High in protein - low in danger!

I'm not even going to lie, this stuff freaks me out. It's that green stuff at the top of the picture. I mean, it makes sense that it's green but it's scary! I'll get my nerves up eventually!

Dragon Shield Screen Cleaner | Loot Crate Labs
You've had to battle through a lot of dungeons and kill a lot of dragons to get enough gold for your fancy, futuristic smartphone. Maybe you've even had to save a princess or two. You don't want it to get all smudged up with fingerprints and werewolf blood, do you? That's why we included this Dragon Shield Screen Cleaner. Your phone serves as your map, your raven, AND your portable game of cyvasse. Treat it with respect, and keep it looking new!

20 Sided Stress Dice | Loot Crate Labs
Is your dungeon master choosing the lamest quests? Does your friend keep RPing as Navi from Legand of Zelda? Grinding for herbs, running long distances without mounts, and fighting raid bosses with a terrible tank can get REALLY annoying. Well, you no longer need to resort to table flipping or rage quitting. Just take it out on this 20-Sided Stress Ball! Put your mind at ease every time you roll a 20, knowing that an epic Loot Crate is always right around the corner!

20 Sided Polyhedral Dice | Loot Crate Labs
It's always good to have a D20 around for all those tough life decisions. Especially when you're a geek or a gamer. You find yourself in quite a lot of dillemmas, and not everyone might understand your frustration. Should you play twelve more hours of Elder Scrolls Online? Should you binge-watch three seasons of Game of Thrones? Well, the answer to these questions is an obvious yes. But at least the die will make it look like it was a tough decision. 

Dragon Slayer Tag | Loot a Crate Labs
Not all dragons are trainable. From Alduin of Tamriel, to Smaugg who laid waste to Dale and captured Erebor from the Dwarves, there are many dragons to be slain. With the great battle between man and beast raging on, it is now up to you to turn the tides of war. Wear your Dragon Slayer Tag into battle and lay claim to your legacy!

I love it all! I'm excited to bring all my new goodies to work to display!