Monday, March 24, 2014

BH Cosmetics Mini Haul

Hello! Hope you're all well and had a wonderful weekend! I celebrated my birthday on Saturday by going up to New York City with my boyfriend and parents for a delicious dinner and the wonderful new hilarious musical that is Aladdin. If you have the opportunity to see it, SEE IT! It is different from the movie but the same and you will cry laughing. It's great!

I also got a promotion at work last week so I treated myself to some new makeup that I'd been eyeing up from BH Cosmetics. Let's check it out!

This was a little extra thing at checkout that since I spent a certain amount of money I could get a blush duo for I think $2.99? This one is in Daisy. The blush on the left seems more of a highlight shade as it is incredibly shimmery but really beautiful. The blush on the right is a matte rosey pink. This is my first experience with BH Cosmetics' blush but I'm only expecting good things!

I've been in such a minimalistic mood with my makeup as of late and this palette really called to me. Plus you get a lot of product for only $13! If you're into something more dramatic, they do have a Forever Glam palette as well. I'm excited to play with this one! I have a wedding that I'm doing makeup for and attending in a couple weeks and I'm definitely seeing this in my train case!

The packaging is a nice, heavy-duty plastic but is light and compact. The whole palette is about the size of my hand so it won't take up too much room if you're traveling or just need it for after work or school touch-ups. 

The eyeshadows are really pretty colors and are perfect for any occasion. The top left is a shimmery dusty lavender/pink; the color under that is a matte rose; under that is a shimmery warm brown with some bronze notes; the top right color is more cool-toned brown with golden shimmer; under that is a shimmery light champagne; and the last color is a matte plummy brown. 

The middle rectangle is said to be a highlight but it looks to be matte. Each shade of the blush duo has some shimmer to them. The one on the left is mauve with a warm brown undertone that could probably be used as a bronzer on us fair-skinned ladies, and the blush on the right is a light pink that looks like it will be beautifully glowy on the skin. Lastly there are two lip colors: the one on the left is a light nude shade that looks like it will have a glossy finish, while the shade on the right is a pretty berry shade that looks like it might have a shimmery finish. 

And lastly I got this adorable brush set. I've been eyeing up their deluxe fan brush for a while but it always seems to be sold out, so when I saw it in this set I couldn't resist! Plus it was under $15 when I bought it so can't complain about that either! All of the brushes are synthetic, cruelty free, and SO soft! I couldn't stop running my fingers through when I first got this in the mail. The tips of the brushes are actually light pink (hard to tell in the photos) and come with a cute matching canister to hold them all in. It also has a snap-on lid that is great for travel!

And that's everything! I definitely intend to do a review on the Forever Nude palette so keep an eye out for that!

Also, Macaroni wins today too since she loves to play and lay in all the packaging!