Monday, February 24, 2014

February 2014 Loot Crate

Hello friends! Hope you're all well! I'm excited to share my Loot Crate with you! So many exclamation points!

This month's theme was Warriors! (the exclamation point was in the title of the theme, I swear). 

The magazine contains an article about Frederator, who is the creator of Fairly OddParents and Adventure Time, to name a few; an interview with Theodore Tusk, Loot Crate's SpokesWalrus (because why the heck not?); The AWESOME Mega Crate that contains so much amazingness, including a Zelda 3DS, a talking Puppy Cat (<3) and the LEGO MetalBeard's Dual set; and a crossword puzzle. 

Now onto the loot!

Catbug Warriors Collectable Pin

Alpha Battle T-Shirt | Shirt Woot! & jamescho84
I implore you loving geeks, gamers and everything in between to not look at this amazing shirt by James Cho ( Shirt Woot!) and not squel out in amazement over the icons you recognize! You wanted a shirt full of everybody ready for battle? You got it! Wear this one with pride and pick your letters out proudly because our Warriors are ready to go!

Bravest Warriors Bow Tie | Frederator & Black Tie Geek
You're looking at a Loot Crate Exclusive right here, folks! Everyone loved that killer Bow Tie we gave away a few months back and look at who is coming with us this time around! Impossibear and Catbug! Tie these little buddies on in style and gather up your Gas-Powered Stick! Good times are coming!

GPS Cinch Bag | Frederator & Loot Crate Labs
You're going to need something to cart around your Loot in and Loot Crate Labs and Frederator came together to make sure you look ready for anything. Stuff some sweaters in this bad boy, make sure you leave the dark memories at home because they are NOT the shiz and load it all up in your Gas-Powered Stick cinch bag!

Dunny Sideshow or Bot Blind Box Figure | Manufacturer Here
Step right up! Step right up! Prepare to be dazzled and mystified by these epic vinyl blind box collectibles. Most will receive warriors from the Sideshow theme, select few will get Bot themed characters. All sport new and classic sculpts, stepped up paint treatments and distinct enhancements. If you can handle seeing all these acts in one sitting, you will be left to a world of wonder. 


Bacon Love Card | OpenMe
February is the month of love and what better way to show that special someone in your life that you care than with a heart made of bacon? Sign it off to the person you adore with the cooked meat you crave and show you really care! With Bacon!

Bravest Warriors Digital Comic | Comixology & kaboom!
Join Chris, Wallow, Beth and Danny, four 16-year-old heroes-for-hire, as they warp from galaxy to galaxy, saving alien races with the power if their... emotions. They're noble, righteous and totally bodacious! We've included a code you can use with Comixology to get your own copy!

Bravest Warriors Sticker | Just Toys Int. & Frederator
Deck out your gear with these Beavest Warriors stickers that are based on classic characters and moments from the show! From D.J. Shap Fancybone to everyone's favorite paralyzed horse, these limited edition items are specially printed for Looters! Be sure to show us which one you received in your unboxing photos and videos! Bonus points if you say the catchphrase on your sticker with enthusiasm!

I'm totally gonna need to be checking this out. I haven't seen Bravest Warriors but I'm certainly entrigued! And this all reminds me that I need to catch up on Bee and Puppy Cat...