Sunday, December 8, 2013

Snow Day!

Hello from snowy New Jersey!  Even though we were only supposed to get "a dusting-one inch" we ended up getting quite a few inches.  Weather forecasters being wrong?  Color me surprised!  The roads were pretty bad so once I made it home from my boyfriend's house I decided to just stay in instead of braving the roads and heading back over.

I had ambitions of being incredibly productive but it didn't work out too well.  I discovered a few new YouTube ladies to follow and then got to some crafting, but overall, I did a lot of lounging with Macaroni.  I also got a whim to watch the Rent final performance, which was a nice cathartic cry.  I strongly associate Rent as a winter/Christmas kind of show, even though I'll watch it anytime, but something about the snow outside and the decorating made me want to watch.  I was productive for the first act and bawling my eyes out the second.  It's expected.

ANYWAY.  I was walking around my apartment taking pictures of the snow from the comfort of my couch and took some pictures of my Christmas decor as of right now so I thought I would share!

Macaroni is a little obsessed with the tree skirt I got 

Eden is very happy with the snowflakes!

And lastly, I finally got my little coffee corner done in my kitchen!

Tree, ornaments, topper, lights and skirt from Target | Big Hello Kitty from Build-A-Bear; Little Hello Kitty's from Target and Wal Mart | Felt containers from Target (Dollar Spot) | Legos from | Best Way To Spread... and light-up tree made by me | Foxes and Reindeer from Target | Better Not Pout Countdown from Barnes and Noble | Coffee Decal from Target | Fox Cookie Jar from Target | Mason Jars from thrift shop and painted using Martha Stewart paints | Flowers from Ikea |

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