Wednesday, December 11, 2013

December Birchbox Unboxing


My boss got her's at work yesterday so I knew to keep an eye out for the golden box.  I'm in love!  I love that their holiday boxes are always so festive.

It's even cute when you take it out of the fancy packaging!

And it doesn't end there!

I thought about using this box to put someone's present in but I think that I like it way too much to give away! ;)

Camille Beckman Glycerine Hand Therapy - Midnight Monarch Scent | Full Size, $14
WHAT:  A nourishing, quick-absorbing formula that restores skin without feeling greasy.
HOW:  Smooth onto hands whenever they feel dry.

Benta Berry G-1 Exfoliating Facial Cleanser | Full Size, $16
WHAT:  This gentle scrub balances oil levels and brightens skin with ground apricot seeds.
HOW:  2-3 times a week, massage a dime-sized amount into damp skin and rinse.

Emily's Chocolates Milk Chocolate Fortune Cookies | Full Size, $5.99
WHAT:  A festive twist on the best part of Chinese takeout - with a creamy milk chocolate coating.
HOW:  Break apart for a playful glimpse at your future.  After that, you know what to do.

Number 4 Non Aerosol Hairspray | Full Size, $30
WHAT:  Earth-friendly, botanical-rich spray that gives you flexible hold (read:  no crunchiness).
HOW:  Spritz daily to keep final style in place, or apply during styling for texture.

Secret Agent Beauty Nourishing & Plumping Lip Gloss in Foreign Intelligence Flirt | Full Size, $18
WHAT:  Shimmery formula that plumps with sacha inchi oil, peppermint oil extract, and menthol.
HOW:  Wear it on its own, or layer over lipstick.  The slight tingling sensation means it's working.

We also got a Birchbox Digimate in order to celebrate the Birchbox App!  This little guy sticks to the back of your cell phone, but peels off whenever you need to use the front part to clean your screen.  Such a nifty and useful little extra.  It's already living on my phone case (I'm sure Batman doesn't mind the company).

And that's it!  I'll be back with some reviews throughout the next couple weeks!

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