Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Review: ELF 47 Piece Total Face Clutch

Hello!  So if you haven't noticed, ELF has released all their holiday stuff already.  It's in fancy, shmancy golden glittery packaging so it's pretty hard to miss!  I stood at the endcap at Target for like 10 minutes trying to pick out which one I wanted to buy to try out and I decided on the 47 Piece Total Face Clutch!

As you can see (and as you can tell by the name), you're getting eyeshadow, blush, bronzer (although I wouldn't use them as they labeled them unless you want some crazy contouring going on on your face!), face shimmer, lipgloss, eyebrow powder and eyebrow cream; basically something for your whole face!

This is really adorable packaging that folds all into itself.  I just love it!

Sorry for the chipped nailpolish!  Oh well.

Onto the eyeshadow!

So you're getting a lot here with a decent color variety.  If you're someone who enjoys their neutrals then this is something for you.  If you're someone who enjoys to walk on the wild side a bit more, this one probably won't be your cup of tea and you may want to go with one of their geometric palettes that have more intense colors.  Most of these have a frosted finish, but you do get several mattes that matter (ha!) since they're more the skintone color or great transition colors.  There's also a couple that are more matte but have some little glitter flecks in them.  You also obviously get the little sponge-tip applicators.

This little tray pulls out and you get your face products.  Don't love that the lipglosses live right under the very powdery blushes but oh well.

Onto the looks!

So I only used the lipgloss for the first two or three looks.  I found it to be really goopy and just wasn't a fan in general of the overall pigmentation I was getting anyway.  The blushes were okay.  I ended up using the lighter one on the apples of my cheeks and the darker one up toward the back of my cheeks and my temples.  The bronzer was decent enough for a subtle contour but nothing severe.  The face shimmer is a cream product that gives you incredibly subtle shimmer on your face.  I wasn't a huge fan since I kind of like my highlights to be more blatant.  I only used the eyebrow powder since the cream looked a little too dark for my brows.  The powder is nothing special and could be used as an eyeshadow if you so choose.  It definitely helped to amp up my brows a bit under my Benefit Gimme Brow.

As for the eyeshadows, they were hit and miss.  I can't even say that all the mattes were bad and the frosts were good or any sort of general statement like that because some mattes were good and some were bad, and some of the frosts were good and some were bad.  I found that overall they performed pretty well, though, and I didn't experience any creasing and very minimal fading on the shadows that did have full pigmentation.  Every time I used these shadows I used the ELF primer underneath, which I got with my Ursula palette last month, and have been enjoying.  I didn't try going one day without a primer but I definitely don't feel like these would work very well without a primer.

Overall, for $10, I don't think this is too bad.  The eyeshadows are good enough that you're going to get your money's worth, and I think this is especially great for someone who is just starting out with makeup or looking to build up a collection.  This is also a great palette for work or school makeup looks since you're not going to get something too crazy out of it.  You can definitely build up a smokey eye but there's obviously nothing over-the-top.

I hope this helped you decide whether you may or may not want to pick this up.  Have you picked up anything from the ELF holiday collection?  Let me know!

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