Wednesday, November 27, 2013

November Loot Crate

Happy Thanksgiving Eve and Happy Hanukkah!  Such a festive time of year, no?  That's why it's only fitting for this month's Loot Crate to be Celebrate!

Inside we have a breakdown of Loot Crate's top 10 favorite Doctor Who episodes, some information about this month's Mega Crate (which is an XBox One and a PS4) and information on all the products inside the box.

This is a Batman Tyvek Mighty Wallet by DC Comics and Dynomighty.  It's actually funny that I got this because a couple months ago a bunch of us at work got a Something Box and one of the guys got a Mighty Wallet but it was an American Flag and no one wanted it!  My boss ended up with it for her birthday I think.  I remember them saying how bad it smelled and it does smell kind of weird.  Don't know if I'll actually use this since I need a big wallet but I'm sure I can find someone who will.

This is a South Park Rechargeable Mobile Speaker by Comedy Central and Beatz Buddiez.  Obviously this is Kenny.  It's a nice, small compact that I could carry around with me in my purse.  Otherwise it looks like a nice little collectible that I can keep on a shelf when I'm not using it.

This is a Doctor Who balloon by Loot Crate Labs to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the show.  I've been meaning to get into it but I just don't have time!  Now that shows are starting to go on winter break I might attempt to get into it but I also need to finish the second season of Once Upon A Time.  Thank God for Netflix, amiright?!

These are playing cards by Bicycle.  They had several different kinds that came in the box:  Robocycle, Stickman, Guardian, Gold Dragon and Red Dragon.  Obviously I got the Guardian ones.  You can never go wrong with playing cards!

This is a Doctor Who Police Box Wall Graphic by Loot Crate Labs.  This is removable so if you want to move it around you can.  Again, I'm sure I'll have more of an appreciation for it when I watch the show!

This is a BFAST Breakfast Shake from General Mills.  A little bit of a random product for this box but I'll take it!  It claims to give the same nutrition as a bowl of cereal and milk, and also has 8 grams of protein and 8 grams of fiber.  It also has 180 calories, which I think is less than most bowls of cereal I eat!  I haven't tried mine yet but I probably will within the next couple days.

And lastly, I got this First Person Shooter Glass from Loot Crate Labs.  It's a shot glass if you can't tell.  I don't drink but this will go with my small collection of shot glasses that I've collected.

And that's it!  I liked last month's much better but not every month can be a hit.  My favorite of everything would probably be the speaker!  They also said that this is a $40+ value so not too shabby!

Also, for the next couple days, Loot Crate is having random Flash Sales that center around a certain theme.  You can find them here.  Today's is Doctor Who.  I'm fairly certain that you don't have to be a subscriber in order to partake in the sales.

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