Monday, November 11, 2013

Crafting: Christmas Compilation

Hi everyone!  Like it or not, Christmas and the holiday season that comes along with it is creeping up on us pretty quickly.  I have been anxiously awaiting starting my Christmas crafting and I'm not able to hold out any longer.  This weekend I completed all my shopping for supplies and tonight I will begin on some gifts and some experimenting.  I can't wait!

With that being said, I thought I would put together a compilation of the stuff that I made last year, as well as some of the stuff that I'm planning on attempting this year.  There's so much stuff on Pinterest that I have pinned on my board of Christmas crafts so I'm going to attempt to knock some of those off the old checklist.

Last year I was really big into making tulle wreaths.  I still love the way they look but I haven't gotten into it this year so much.  I guess because I made ones for everyone I was planning on making one for.  Some day when I'm good at planning in advance I will sell some.

Anyway, these are a fairly inexpensive but very time consuming craft, but you can definitely make some really cute ones!


This was my go-to Christmas present last year and I made tons of them.  Oddly enough this is the only one I have a picture of.  I'll have to snap a picture of my boss' when she brings it in.

The other type of wreath that's a good time is an ornament wreath.  These turn out so cute and are way easier to make than you may think.

You can follow this tutorial to make the wreath, or there is another method using a foam wreath base and hot gluing the nubs into the base, but I think that might be a little trickier given that you need to have various sized ornaments so you can fill the empty spaces.  Although I suppose that you can use garland for that as well but this method seems to be more secure, especially since these get pretty heavy.  You can find big packs of ornaments for cheap at Wal Mart, CVS, etc. so these are great for gifting!

And last of the crafts, these are clear ornaments with nail polish swished around inside them.


Odds are you have plenty of nail polish so all you need are the bulbs!  Pictures can't do the beauty of these ornaments justice.  They're absolutely gorgeous!  If you plan on layering polishes, I would suggest letting them dry overnight before adding another layer of polish.  If they get too watery all the polish will run right out of the bulb when it's drying.  It's a really sad experience.
So onto the stuff I'm going to be trying!
I really want to play around with making my own snow globes.  I have almost a whole box full of mason jars that have been burning a hole in my storage space and I think this would be a great way to utilize them.
I have a few different kinds I want to play around with, too:
This Anthropologie inspired snow globe that uses no water but looks super chic and sophisticated.
This Martha Stewart inspired old fashioned snow globe using water and glycerin.
This amazingly beautiful mini street lamp in a jar snow globe.
I have been dying to make that last one but it is a lot more difficult to find individual street lamps than I thought it would be.  It's very easy to find packs of 2-4, but since they all hook up to one battery I would have to give away 2-4 of these snow globes at a time when I was looking to make one for one person.  I happened to stumble upon individual ones at Wal Mart so I snagged the two they had and I'm going to keep an eye out and keep buying them up.
I also really am loving the Epsom salt effect on things and might attempt to do a couple candles as well.  I just think they'd be really pretty in a votive.
I took a crochet class last week and one of the last things that the instructor told us about was a No Crochet Sashay Scarf.  Sashay is the type of yarn and it really couldn't be easier.  If you google it about a billion videos come up showing you how to make them and I think they'll be great for some of the girls in the office.  She also made a couple cowls with the yarn so I'm going to be busy.
So far that's my game plan.  I'm sure I'll start to come across some other stuff that I'm going to want to make but I don't want to overburden myself and make it more of a chore than the fun it should be.
Are you planning on crafting this Christmas?  What are you making?