Monday, October 14, 2013

Review: Profusion Twinkle Twinkle Palettes

Hello!  As you may recall from this post, I found a four $1.00 five-pan palettes at Walgreens.  The aforementioned post has the swatches and this post will have the review, along with some looks that I created from the palettes!

Overall, I would give the palettes a B+.  I thought that the pigmentation was good when used over a primer but I did have some definite issues with fading and creasing throughout the day.  I noticed fading after about four hours, some serious fading at about ten hours and creasing to the point of almost nonexistence by thirteen.  The palettes don't claim to be long-wearing, but generally when a product is used over a primer that helps with the longevity of the product.  This obviously wasn't the case for these.

This is the palette with the most neutral colors.  I did end up putting down NYX's Jumbo Eyeshadow Pencil in Milk as a base to help the colors pop a little more since they were pretty sheer when I swatched them.

This was the green palette.  Of the four, I like this one the most because the colors suit my taste more, not because of superior quality.

And this is the purple.  I didn't mind this one but even at initial application you can see that the base color isn't all that pigmented.  

I didn't do another look outside of the one I did in the swatch post for the colorful palette so if you missed that I would advice checking that post out!

For the $1.00 price tag I would say that they're worth it.  I certainly don't dislike them but I'm someone who prefers a more pigmented shadow.  If you're a beginner, or just someone who prefers a sheerer formula then you would probably enjoy these!

Have you picked these up or any other Profusion product?  What did you think?

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