Thursday, October 3, 2013

Review: ELF Ursula Palette

Ugh, long time no blog!  I am THE WORST.  I have plenty to blog about, too!!  I've given up on my weekly healthy living blogs (obviously!) because it made me so obsessed with gaining like ounces, or a pound.  That's not healthy.  It happens to EVERYONE.  So I'm taking a break.

Anyway, I have a review!  Woohoo!  ELF is at it again this Halloween with putting out Disney Villain makeup palettes.  Last year they only had three but this year they have four, adding Ursula to the mix!  Since I got all three palettes last year and wasn't overly impressed I decided to only get one this year (but don't get me wrong, I wanted all of them because the art is STUNNING).  Being that I had the Evil Queen, Maleficent and Cruella already, I opted for the Ursula one.  These palettes are $9.99 and exclusive to Walgreens and there also is an ELF nail polish set, SOHO makeup bags, Ardell lashes and Goody hair ties with all four villains in each collection.  I got the Evil Queen makeup bag and I love the artwork!

So as you can see, you're getting quite a bit in this palette for the price.  You get a mascara, pencil liner, eyeshadow palette, liquid liner, eyeshadow brush, eyeshadow primer and lip gloss.

When I'm first trying a palette, if it comes with a lookbook I like to go by that to see if it works as the company intended it to before trying out my own twist.  In my opinion, the look they provide should look AH-MAZE-ING because that's what they put together and that's how they tested it (or at least I would hope they did!).

I first tried the day look:

 My initial thoughts:

  • Eyeshadow:  On these shadows I was 50/50.  Seeing as how these shadows are meant to be warn for a day look, I can see how they wouldn't want it to be too crazy pigmented.  The day look is the top row of the palette, so it's the shimmery champagne color, the lighter purple color and the shimmery green.  At the same time I want pigmentation out of these.  They were also a little on the chalky side.  I also experienced so much fading throughout the day, and considering that when I would go to blend colors into one another it would take away the color during application, this didn't bode well. 
  • Eyeshadow primer:  I didn't experience any issues with it.  I thought it worked just as well as any of the primers I've used from higher end brands.  The only negative to me was the smell.  It smells really gross.
  • Pencil liner:  I didn't expect this to be great and it wasn't.  It's hard and doesn't give off too much color.  I used it to line my waterline and tightline and it took a lot of going over and over to get even a little color to show up.
  • Liquid liner:  Let's talk about this for a second.  I enjoyed the liner in general.  I thought the formula was great and the brush applicator was really easy to work with.  I've heard that sometimes the brush comes with spliced bristles but I didn't have that experience.  The disappointment in this liner was that the bottle is blue, the name is Midnight (which is typically blue) but the formula was black.  I was SO disappointed!!  I was looking forward to how nice the blue was going to look against the eye and just enjoy having a blue liquid liner in general, but no such luck.  What a bummer!
  • Lip gloss:  I enjoyed the gloss.  The name is Ursula, which lends me to believe that this is an "exclusive" to this palette, although I don't know that it's terribly original.  It's a rosy/pink shade, almost like a my lips but better shade.  It's only slightly sticky but is very comfortable on the lips.
  • Mascara:  This was the biggest surprise of the palette for me.  I was expecting nothing, but this is an AWESOME mascara!  It's a lengthening and defining mascara and it does just that.  With one coat your lashes are super defined and natural looking.  Once you put another coat on is when you get the length.  It lasts on me all day long and I don't experience any flaking.  I think this is great for the day or a look that you just don't want or need super crazy volume in your lashes.  I believe that this mascara retails for $3 on its own so this might end up being a staple in my collection. 
Next up was the night time look:

Again, unimpressed by the eyeshadow.  I think these colors were worse as far as the blending/fading issue.  The chalkiness was also worse since I was working with more matte colors.  ALSO, in the lookbook they suggested that I use that first color in the bottom row as my highlight.  Yeah, that dark brown color.  As a HIGHLIGHT.  I gave them the benefit of the doubt.  Maybe it looked darker than it actually is, especially considering that the pigmentation of the top row was sub par.  NO.  NO IT WAS NOT.  It was dark.  So yeah, that got wiped right off and I put the first color in the top row as the highlight.  The other two shadows were not impressive either.  They look pretty, but nope.  No luck.

So overall, I don't know that it's the greatest palette but I'm such a sucker for Disney stuff and I'll be happy to display it on my shelf.  Except that mascara is staying out with me forever and ever.