Friday, October 4, 2013

Crafty: Wine Glasses

What's this?  Two blog posts in two days?!  Why yes, yes it is.  I have better pictures of this that I may add to this post at some point [10/07/13 Added!] but since I have a lot of things coming up and some products waiting in the wings that I want to review or at least do a whole post about, I just wanted to get this up since I think it's worthy of its own post!

As I mentioned in earlier posts, I was lucky enough to have been picked by ipsy and Benefit Cosmetics to host a Lash Bash at my home.  The party was essentially to introduce people to Benefit's products, namely their They're Real Mascara.  I decided I wanted to do a little craft for my girlfriends to take home with them along with all their free makeup so I made these!

I loved how they all came out, plus I think it's such a nice way to make sure no one gets their glasses mixed up.  Not to mention that these were easy to make and only took about three hours to do.  I thought they would take longer but nope!

To start, I bought the wine glasses.  These are all from the Dollar Tree and obviously were $1.00 each.  Then I picked up my paints from AC Moore.  I used FolkArt paints in Pure Gold and Brilliant Pink.  I also got a pack of random brushes to use.

I applied about three coats of the Pure Gold color to the base of the glass with the widest, flattest brush in the pack.

I painted them one-by-one and by the time I would get done with the last glass, the first one was dry and ready for another coat.  I did experience a little lift once I went in with the third coat but nothing too severe.

After the third coat was applied, I went in and wrote the names on the glass using the Brilliant Pink color and a script brush.

I did have to go over the names a couple times to get them as bright as I wanted them, maybe three coats on that as well.

Then I went around the name with the gold and that was two coats of paint.

Finally, I used a pencil eraser to dot on the polka dots around the bottom.  I was going to go all the way up and around but I liked the look of having them only on the bottom.

And that's it!  Super duper easy and, at least I think, a cute little keepsake!