Thursday, October 31, 2013

Birchbox Review: POP Beauty Aqua Lacquer

Happy Halloween!  Hope you're all having a good day full of sugary treats!  I know I have a stomach ache already from everything and I haven't even started handing out candy yet, which is my moments of weakness.

I'm here (a day late) with my Birchbox Review of the week, and this one is for the POP Beauty Aqua Lacquer.

The applicator is actually kind of interesting in that it's like a little spatula.  It's a flat plastic applicator that is rectangular in shape and you just shalack that stuff on the lips.  I can't say that I've ever used anything like it but it worked pretty well.  It kind of keeps you from applying too much since it doesn't soak into the doe-foot applicator.

The formula is sticky.  Very, very sticky.  I feel a little bit of the tingly sensation as well but it doesn't last too long. 

The color is incredibly sheer.  I have pinkish lips naturally so, on me, the color only shows up a little bit.  I haven't tried it over a nude lipstick but it might show up a little better.

Overall I don't feel that this is something I would reach for on a daily basis as I'm not a big fan of really sticky formulas.  I tend to like the slippery glosses much better.  Lip gloss formula is very subjective so this could very well be your thing.

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