Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Birchbox Review: Chap Stick Hydration Lock

I'm here with my first Birchbox review for the October box.  This was their Birchbox Find and is the Chap Stick Hydration Lock.

I used this Chap Stick as a primer in the morning.  I would put it on before I started doing my makeup and let it sit until right before I left for work, which is generally when I apply my lip products since it makes no sense to apply before I eat breakfast and have my coffee.  This generally would give it a "sitting time" of an hour and a half.

I definitely found that it made the texture of my lips smoother, however, once my lip product was on, the texture would go back to what it was prior to the application of the Chap Stick as opposed to maintaining the way it had been. 

The same can be said for the fuller-looking appearance.  When I was wearing only the Chap Stick my lips would be noticeably fuller, but once I applied another product they would look normal again.  This isn't a huge disappointment for me as I don't really feel that I need lip plumping products but wanted to mention it since it could be a breaking point for someone else.

The formula was very slippery and waxy feeling, which I haven't really found with too many other Chap Stick products, although admittedly I really only use their medicated products so that could be why.  I suppose the more waxy consistency could be attributed to the moisture feature.

Speaking of the moisture, I didn't really feel that it lasted 8 hours.  My lips are necessarily dry by nature but I didn't find that this really helped moisturize them for a prolonged period of time.

The scent was pleasant unless you're not a fan of vanilla.  It wasn't something that lingered around either, so if you're sensitive to scent it shouldn't be too bothersome.

Overall I didn't think it was a bad product on its own, but when you mix it with others that's when the effects seem to wear off.  I don't know that it's something I would necessarily repurchase but I will certainly continue to use the rest of the product.