Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Healthy Living: Volume #11


Last Week's Weight:  154.1
This Week's Weight:  152.2

Oh hey there weight loss, nice to see you again!  Hopefully I can keep that up!  Let's see why this happened, shall we?

One of the big things that I fixed was my Friday night meal.  I always would end up eating something junky when I knew that my cheat day was going to be Saturday so I would end up doubling up on bad food.  I got a salad for dinner to eat at my boyfriend's house before we went to the bar instead of having a chicken cheesesteak and fries.  Good trade off!  Saturday we barbequed and I pigged out on delicious burgers and hot dogs and chips and ice cream.  Sunday I pretty much just ate in all day so nothing too outrageous going on there.

Monday of course we had another barbeque.  We just had hot dogs and sweet potato fries and corn and my mom made some fancy s'more in a cone.  The key to eating like such was getting up and working out first thing.  Man, does that make a difference!  It's pretty crazy how good I felt after that.  Granted I felt like I was starving all day but probably mostly because I was trying to save my calories for dinner.  Yesterday I got to do a really neat Phillies thing that I'm going to blog about (hopefully) tomorrow but I got up early and worked out again since I knew my cool Phillies thing was going to involve a ton of eating and I didn't want to have to be super picky about what I ate (even though I passed on pasta every time it was offered). 

Needless to say, I'm going to keep this working out in the morning thing going.  I didn't this morning since I was absolutely exhausted and I knew that my day food-wise wasn't going to be too bad.  It's just nice to get up and get it out of the way so when I come home I can just relax and get stuff done around the house and blog and everything else I want to do.  I'm also committing myself to not building my life around TV shows and just go to bed at 10... except when American Horror Story comes back on the air since they suck at updating their OnDemand since that show kind of ends up owning my life

Another thing I did for a spell was eat greek yogurt with honey, walnuts and flax seed for breakfast.  It really stemmed from me running out of milk and not feeling like buying more and just making due with what I have.  I'm a pretty big cereal junky but that was a nice replacement for the time being.

I'm really pleased with my results this week and hope to keep it going!