Friday, September 20, 2013

Crafting: More Fall Stuff

I've been a terrible blogger as of late.  Can I tell you what my main problem is?  Oddly enough not laziness, but I can't stand my laptop.  It's on the old side since I got it 5 years ago and it just doesn't want to do anything right and it takes ten years to load up.  It really makes it uninspiring to do anything on there.  I want to get myself a Mac but with Christmas coming up soon I don't want to go out and make a big purchase like that since I'll be spending lots of money.  So I have to cope.  I should really just start bringing my work computer home.


So I've been back at crafting again in a very minor way.  I would like to complain for a minute though about how it seems to be impossible to find fake flowers that are out of season.  I mean, I know that peonies don't exactly scream fall but I thought I could find a little bouquet of them at a craft store and I was wrong, and then I was sad.  I wanted to make the flower balls I alluded to in my last craft post but I wouldn't had to buy individual stems of peonies and that would've been crazy expensive.  I guess my dream will have to wait.  I still might make ones with sunflowers, though.  We shall see. 

I did, however, make another little leafy candle holder thing and I like this one so much better.  One of my friends liked the first one I made and asked for one, and since I had another candle hanging out in the fridge I was able to whip one up quick!  On a sidenote, I've come to find that if you leave a candle in the freezer for days on end, that is literally the easiest way to get it out.  The first time I left the candle in overnight and had to break it up with a spoon.  This one I pulled at the wick and the whole thing came out.  Easy!

I also used different leaves on this one.  I got these from Rite Aid and they're more fabric than plastic, if that makes any sense.  They were a little tougher to work with as it was harder to adhere them to the glass.  I ended up layering them a lot so the casing is a little on the thick side but I think the end product looks really nice!

I also really like the detail on these leaves with the black lines running through to make them have a bit more dimension.  This one was on a smaller candle holder so it didn't take as many leaves as the first one.  I did end up burning my finger pretty good though.  One day I will be a master of the glue gun but that day is far off.

I also have another craft to share soon but I can't until my Lash Bash tomorrow since it's a bit of a surprise and I don't want to give it away, but I think it's pretty cute and super affordable!

Hope you all have a great weekend!  I'd love to hear from anyone else throwing a Lash Bash!