Friday, September 20, 2013

Crafting: More Fall Stuff

I've been a terrible blogger as of late.  Can I tell you what my main problem is?  Oddly enough not laziness, but I can't stand my laptop.  It's on the old side since I got it 5 years ago and it just doesn't want to do anything right and it takes ten years to load up.  It really makes it uninspiring to do anything on there.  I want to get myself a Mac but with Christmas coming up soon I don't want to go out and make a big purchase like that since I'll be spending lots of money.  So I have to cope.  I should really just start bringing my work computer home.


So I've been back at crafting again in a very minor way.  I would like to complain for a minute though about how it seems to be impossible to find fake flowers that are out of season.  I mean, I know that peonies don't exactly scream fall but I thought I could find a little bouquet of them at a craft store and I was wrong, and then I was sad.  I wanted to make the flower balls I alluded to in my last craft post but I wouldn't had to buy individual stems of peonies and that would've been crazy expensive.  I guess my dream will have to wait.  I still might make ones with sunflowers, though.  We shall see. 

I did, however, make another little leafy candle holder thing and I like this one so much better.  One of my friends liked the first one I made and asked for one, and since I had another candle hanging out in the fridge I was able to whip one up quick!  On a sidenote, I've come to find that if you leave a candle in the freezer for days on end, that is literally the easiest way to get it out.  The first time I left the candle in overnight and had to break it up with a spoon.  This one I pulled at the wick and the whole thing came out.  Easy!

I also used different leaves on this one.  I got these from Rite Aid and they're more fabric than plastic, if that makes any sense.  They were a little tougher to work with as it was harder to adhere them to the glass.  I ended up layering them a lot so the casing is a little on the thick side but I think the end product looks really nice!

I also really like the detail on these leaves with the black lines running through to make them have a bit more dimension.  This one was on a smaller candle holder so it didn't take as many leaves as the first one.  I did end up burning my finger pretty good though.  One day I will be a master of the glue gun but that day is far off.

I also have another craft to share soon but I can't until my Lash Bash tomorrow since it's a bit of a surprise and I don't want to give it away, but I think it's pretty cute and super affordable!

Hope you all have a great weekend!  I'd love to hear from anyone else throwing a Lash Bash!


Friday, September 13, 2013

L'Oreal Consumer Panel Compensation

Hello beauties!  As luck would have it, both compensations that I was waiting on ended up coming in!  I got one yesterday and one today so we can have an all-encompassing post. 

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Crafting: Fall Time!

Hello all!

So it's September, which regardless of what my calendar wants to tell me, means that it is FALL!!  Woo!  Leaves are changing and it's getting cooler (or hotter... judging by the 90+ degrees outside right now) and I am craving all things pumpkin.  Not to mention the crafting bug that creeps up in me once this time rolls around.  I can't shake it and I love it!

I already made one fall craft:

I had bought some fake fall leaves to use in a flower arrangement but ended up having some left over.  I cut them off the bouquet they came in, peeled the little plastic backings off and set them aside.  I had had a couple candles that were worn down to the bottom in my freezer.  I took one of them out, broke up the wax with a spoon, peeled off the labels and gave it a good washing.  Then I just hot glued the leaves onto the the container!  I had a couple LED tea lights sitting in my closet so I plopped three of those in there to give it a nice glow.  I enjoy how it came out!

But that's only the beginning.  I have a couple wreath bases in my closet that are screaming at me to do something with them.  I have a couple other small things around my house that I want to do, too.  I also have been addicted to DazzleDIY on YouTube since all her stuff is so creative and almost always uses stuff that's already sitting around the house.  I'm excited to have something to do with all the magazines I just throw away!

Here are a couple other crafting projects I plan on doing:

  • Hanging flower balls - I'm debating if I want to do fall flowers (sunflowers or mums) or if I want to stick to peonies.  So up in the air on that one!
  • Painting some mason jars - I have a couple in my kitchen that I keep my k-cups in but I want to do some pastel colors to match the vase and flowers I already have in there.  Give it a little more of a country kitchen type feel!
  • Sprucing up my TV trays - My living room is gray, blue and black and my TV trays are light wood from Wal Mart.  They bother me every day so I think a nice paint job is in order.
  • Making my kitchen more colorful - There are several projects on DazzleDIY that are calling my name.  At the moment the only decoration I have in my kitchen is an anchor picture hanging on the wall.  It definitely needs a little more attention.
  • Doing something with my old perfume bottles - This is another thing I saw on Dazzle but she bedazzled licquor bottles.  They looked cute but since I don't drink I don't really want that decor in my apartment.  I do, however, have a bunch of perfume bottles that I do nothing with that I would love to use!  And this could end up being a really bad thing and make me just want to buy perfume for the bottles.  I already saw a couple bottles that I'm in love with!
I'm going to be a crafting fiend for the next couple months so expect some serious crafting posts!

On an unrelated note, I received a small L'Oreal Consumer Panel Compensation today!  That should be up tonight if my Phillies game ends up getting rained out or tomorrow.

And lastly, I was selected by ipsy and Benefit Cosmetics to host a Lash Bash next Saturday which I am beyond excited about!  I have a ton of ideas as far as decorating and food goes that I will be documenting in an upcoming post.  I'm still debating whether I want to do a post about it before or after so I guess I'll see how my week goes and how much I procrastinate on actually going out and buying things!

Hope you're having a wonderful Thursday! <3