Sunday, August 18, 2013

Review: Ulta Eyeshadow

Good Sunday night to you!  I hope you're all having a wonderful weekend!  I had a great one so far, including getting the new Disney Infinity game this morning!  My boyfriend spoiled the crap out of me and got me so much stuff so I've been enjoying that for the afternoon.  But being that I'm not a huge gamer and I lack the patience to get through parts that don't seem to make sense I had to walk away for the night.  Not to mention the fact that Breaking Bad is in a little more than an hour!!  So excited.  I decided to blow off watching Summerslam because I couldn't even handle not watching that show when it airs.

Anyway.  If you read my last post [link] about the free Ulta stuff I got using my rewards you'll remember that I got two different quads of eyeshadow.  I decided to give them a try this weekend and I'm excited to share my thoughts with you!

[top row, no primer; bottom row:  too faced shadow insurance primer] left to right:  bone (not really shown), truffle, ice queen and gunmetal

Apologies for the Bone color not really showing up but it's basically a matte skin-tone color so that would be the reason!  The rest of the shades have a really beautiful shimmer to them and are decently pigmented.  I put down a thin layer of NYX's Jumbo Eyeshadow Pencil in Milk before putting the Ice Queen shade on my lid and I'm not even sure that it needed it as it just popped ridiculously on top of the base.  The shadows all wore well on top of a primer and I had no issues with creasing.  I did, however, have an issue taking it off because it was so darn pretty that I wanted to wear it longer!

On my lips I wore the Ulta Lip Gloss in Flirtini.  I enjoyed the color although it wasn't as shimmery as it looks in the tube.  I thought there would be a subtle golden glow but it didn't seem to transfer with application.  It definitely was shiny though and felt nice on the lips.  It wasn't overly sticky and wasn't drying.

Next up we have the colorful quad!

 [top row:  no primer; bottom row:  too faced shadow insurance primer] left to right:  aztec gold, deep sea, majesty and galaxy 

Upon my first glance at this quad I thought that all the shadows had some shimmer to them.  Majesty doesn't seem to have much and that shade let me down the most as far as pigmentation goes.  I'm used to it, though, as purples usually do.  Which is super sad because a good purple eyeshadow is so beautiful.  The swatch in this photo was from me really building up the color.  It can be done but if you're looking for something quick this won't be the purple for you.  The other shadows were beautiful, however, and I fell in love with their gorgeous shimmer as well.  I don't know what it is that's different about this shimmer but I really would catch myself so mesmerized by Aztec Gold in particular as that's what I used on my lid.  I would be in the bathroom just staring at my eyeshadow.  So gorgeous!  These wore just as well as the other quad and I had no issues with creasing or fading.  This quad I did end up wearing longer than the other one and topped out at probably 12 hours with no issues.

On this look I also used the Gel Eyeliner Pencil in Aqua on the waterline but to be perfectly honest I didn't pay much attention to the wear.  That will have to be another review for another day.  It did go on quite pigmented, however, and matched really well with the Deep Sea shade I wore on my bottom lash line.

All of these shadows are for sale individually on the Ulta website so I would imagine that you can get them individually at the store as well.  The particular store that I had gone to had a very small Ulta section oddly enough but that store is set up terribly anyway in my humble opinion.  If you go to one that has the island-type set up that is Ulta brand all the way around the display you'll probably be in luck in finding these.  The website lists them at $7.00 and boasts 90 shades.

I'm about to try out my nail products tonight so I'll review those for you guys in the coming days.

Horray for getting back to makeup stuff on this blog! :)

Enjoy the rest of your Sunday and hope that Breaking Bad doesn't give us all too much of a heartattack.  I'm going to keep myself in denial that Jesse has to die.  He doesn't, right?  RIGHT?!  :-(