Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Random Happiness: Mumford & Sons "Hopeless Wanderer" Music Video

Good afternoon!

My favorite band in the world right now is Mumford and Sons.  I saw them in concert in February and it was hands down the best concert I've ever been to.  They even filmed the music video for Whispers In The Dark in and around the concert venue in Camden, New Jersey.  So awesome. 

Then they released this video for Hopeless Wanderer this week.  Ohmygoodness.  I love this.  It features Jason Bateman (as the Arrested Development Facebook page said, "tasting the happy, which tastes a lot like the sad"), Will Forte, Ed Helms and Jason Sudeikis as the band and they do all sorts of weird things.  Take a gander and enjoy the music!