Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Healthy Living: Volume #9

Last Week's Weight:  154.9
This Week's Weight:  153.7

Woohoo!  I lost a pound!  What what!  *happy dance*

I felt good most of this week.  I worked out more and I got my Turbo Jam from my parents' house so that was a big plus.  I love those workouts but I forgot how hard they are!  I did the Cardio Jam workout and wanted to just die.  I also have been addicted to Martial Fusion, which is On Demand on Comcast.  It's a really great kickboxing workout with some dance infused and some amazing Tai Chi at the end that really calms you down and puts you in a good spot when you're done. 

Food-wise I ate pretty well.  We went to Uno's for dinner on Friday and since I had burned 532 calories doing my Turbo Jam and just had a smoothie for lunch I was able to pig out!  I had half of their Wild Mushroom & White Cheddar Flat Bread Pizza, which was soooo good, along with a Mini Macadamia White Chocolate Chip Cookie Sundae.  And just a warning:  Just because the dessert is "mini" doesn't mean it's that much better.  The dessert was still 502 calories ON TOP of the 631 calories for my pizza and the 376 calories in the mozzarella sticks we had for an appetizer.  Having something like My Fitness Pal is really handy when you're eating out because the nutrition information is at your fingertips and it helps make your decision so much easier.  No matter how good something sounds, once you see that it's 1,000 calories you can do without it!

On Saturday I did Martial Fusion in the morning and then had the rest of my pizza, followed by half of a chicken cheese steak and some french fries at the bar we go to.  Not necessarily the best meal but it was one of the better options.  I wasn't necessarily on my best behavior on Sunday as my boyfriend made waffles in the morning and then we had McDonald's for lunch.  I didn't really eat much for dinner, just a little fruit, as I had absolutely filled up on everything else.  Plus I was pretty engulfed in my Disney Infinity game up until Breaking Bad and then I get such anxiety watching that show that all hunger goes away!

On Monday I had a yummy and filling spinach salad with mushrooms, chicken and lite Caesar dressing.  Then I had some hot dogs at the Phillies game since it was Dollar Dog Night.  Can't say no to that.  Yesterday I had the biggest spinach salad ever in life and I felt absolutely awful.  I didn't think it was possible to eat too much spinach but boy was I wrong.  I literally thought I was going to burst and die.  Lesson learned.  I think I ate about 3 cups of spinach.  Never again.  Then I had a smoothie when I got home with an apple, a banana, peanut butter, milk, almonds and flax seed.  Delish and so filling!  I modified it from this breakfast smoothie that I had tried on Friday for lunch.  I loved how that one tasted but I wanted to try it with some peanut butter instead because I just love peanut butter more than words can express.

I'm hoping to keep things up this week as I don't think things should get too bad.  I'm going to a concert on Friday and when I was last at that venue my Mom and I split a chicken cheese steak and some sweet potato fries so it wasn't too bad.  Then we got frozen yogurt for dessert so I think we may have to re-do that!  Saturday I'm still up in the air about whether I'm going to a wrestling show with the boyfriend or staying home and then Sunday should be normal.  Other than that I have nothing going on so I should be able to keep myself on the right track!

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