Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Healthy Living: Volume #7

Onward to the healthy!

Last Week's Weight:  153.2
This Week's Weight:  152.9

Well, it wasn't a huge loss but it was a loss nonetheless!  If you caught my weekend edition of Healthy Living then you know that I didn't exactly behave so honestly I'm a little surprised I lost anything! 

There was way too much cheating this weekend so I definitely need to crack down on that.  I know for a fact I need to reserve my cheat day for Sunday this week as it is my Dad's birthday and we're going to a Food Truck Invitational.  I am about to get knee deep in grease and I can't wait!  There also is a cupcake truck so I shall sample their deliciousness as well.  Other than that I need to be good!

I have fallen in love with kale over the past couple days.  I bought some while I was grocery shopping and didn't do anything with it, but now I can't stop eating it.  I made kale chips with garlic, salt and parmesean cheese on Monday, and then I have been loving a salad I found on Pinterest that is kale with honey, sunflower seeds and an apple.  It is beyond filling!  And delicious! 

I also haven't worked out much this past week.  I did Zumba on Friday but that was about it.  I had good intentions but I allowed myself to get sucked into Breaking Bad and not do much of anything else.  I need to grab my TurboJam when I go home on Sunday.  I had a lot of fun doing those workouts before and I need something that's going to help sculpt when I get my cardio in.

I'm hoping to continue on with my kale obsession and lose a bigger number this week.  I definitely want to go down at least a pound!  That's my goal.  Let's do it!