Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Healthy Living: Volume #10

Up and down and up and down...

Last Week's Weight:  153.7
This Week's Weight:  154.1

It's only a couple ounces but still.  Bleh.  Although, again, to be honest I didn't have the best week food wise.  I was running low on food and payday isn't until Friday so I was trying to make due with what I had, none of which was particularly good for me.  I did break down yesterday and go get some healthy food so that's been helpful.

I also think I worked out once so womp womp on that end as well.  I was going to work out on Saturday but I had the biggest migraine and opted to lay on the couch and watch Face Off and Heroes of Cosplay instead. 

This week I have a 5-day weekend so there's no reason why I shouldn't be able to sneak some workouts in there.  After that, I go back to my 5-day work week but I'm going to keep getting up early so I can try to work out in the morning and just get it out of the way.  Hopefully that will work out better than it did last time I tried that. 

I've also been keeping my dinners on the light side which has worked out well I think.  I feel better at night and I'm not overly stuffed but I make sure to fill up on good foods so that I'm also not overly hungry.  Healthy balance!

Overall a couple ounces isn't going to put me into a tailspin about this so it's all good.  This will be a good week!