Thursday, August 15, 2013

Haul: Free Ulta Stuff (You Can Get It Too!) and Target Cartwheel Awesomeness!

Remember that time that this was a makeup blog?  Me too!  And I'm back at it with something pretty awesome.

If you're an Ulta Rewards member you should have gotten your rewards certificate.  I love getting these!  I used to get to high levels but I haven't in a while, but somehow I ended up getting a level 7 this quarter.   Nothing was really popping out to me in higher levels since lord knows the last thing I need is another curling iron and I still haven't even moved all my perfume and body sprays from my parents' house so I decided to group together some of the lower level stuff.  I've never tried the Ulta brand makeup and while I was flipping through the catalog I saw that if you spent $19.50 on Ulta brand products you received a bag full of more Ulta brand makeup and a couple brushes.  Any Ulta brand eye shadow or pencil was a level 2, so I got 3 of those and an Ulta brand nail polish, which was level 1.  The cashier didn't think that I was going to qualify for the gift since I didn't acually spend the $19.50 but it worked!  Behold all the freebies!

Let's break it all down!

So here's how this works:  You get to pick a bag that contains a 10-piece set.  They have 2 bags to choose from and they are slightly different from one another.  You also get to pick an eyeshadow quad, a nail polish and you get a face wash.

First we get 3 Ulta brushes:  a small contour brush, an eyeshadow brush and a sponge tip applicator.  These don't seem like they're going to be very good quality but worth a try nonetheless.

Next is the Ulta Plush Drama Volume Mascara in Jet Black.  This is full size!

This quad kind of drew me right into this little gift set.  I saw it in the catalog and I needed it!  Not to say I don't have these colors but I love bright colors and I think these kinds of shadows say a lot about the quality of a brand.  This is the quad that I picked out.  The gold color is called Aztec Gold, the teal is Deep Sea, the purple is Majesty and the black is Galaxy.  All of the shadows have a hint of shimmer/fine glitter in them.

This is the quad that came with the bag.  The top color is called Bone and is a matte skin-tone color, the next color is called Truffle and is a shimmery brown color with a hint of copper, the silver shimmery color is called Ice Queen and the last color is called Gunmetal which is just that with some shimmer.

Here is the face wash that comes as an extra to the 10-piece set.

This is the nail polish I got to pick out.  They had several to choose from, including a glitter top coat, a shimmery red and a shimmery rose color.  This one is a shimmery gold/silver called High Roller.

This is a blush called Sunkissed.  This is a bronzy copper shade that seems really heavy on the shimmer.  I have a feeling this might be better suited to use as an eyeshadow.

This nail polish was the one I used in my reward redemption.  The shade is called Oh! and is a coraly-pink color with golden shimmer.  It reminds me a lot of NARS Orgasm nail polish (which may be the tongue-in-cheek reference in the name).  I didn't really love the formula of the NARS polish so I'm hoping I like this one better.  I didn't feel like I could ever get that shade to get opaque enough.

This is the lipstick that came in the 10-piece kit.  I haven't taken off the wrapper but I would imagine from the name that it's a nude/brown color.

This is the Super Shiny Lip Gloss in Flirtini and is a rosey-pink color with a hint of golden shimmer.

This also came in the kit.  It looks like it's going to be really hard but maybe it'll surprise me.  It just strikes me as the kind of pencil that would come with those $20 generic makeup kits that come out around Christmas.  The eyeshadows are sometimes a pleasant surprise but rarely are the eyeliners.

I got these eyeliners using my rewards.  They're gel liners and are stunningly gorgeous in person.  Again, I haven't opened them yet but they just look like they're going to be really nice quality and hopefully a less expensive alternative to Urban Decay's pencils.  From left to right I got Peacock, Storm and Aqua.

And that's it for Ulta!  I love that this worked out so that I can really test out the quality of their brand. They're reasonably priced so they could be a nice addition to the drugstore staples.  Let me know if you would like to see reviews on any of these products!

As for how awesome the Target Cartwheel app is, let's discuss today's shopping trip.  I went in there knowing that I wanted to get a couple pairs of jeans and some other grocery things.  Last night I went through the app to see if anything applied to what I wanted to get and I found some great things!  For instance, I got 25% off jeans!  I love Target's jeans and I got two pairs of their jean leggings which are super comfy.  I got $7 off!  I took a picture of my receipt below so you can see some of the other discounts:

I also used my Target debit card so I could get my 5% off for a total savings of $19.85!  I'm a huge lover of Target's clothing department so it's nice to see that they have a lot of discounts on the app for clothes.  All you need is a Facebook account to sign up and you can get discounts galore!

Did you redeem your rewards?  Or have you gotten any big savings from the Cartwheel app?  Let me know!