Monday, July 8, 2013

This Week in Pins

Happy Monday!  Or not.  Mondays are terrible.  Especially this Monday, which was a Monday after a four-day weekend.  Apparently my power went off at some point in the night, so the only reason why I woke up was because the power came back on and the speaker that I use to charge my phone starts automatically playing my music so that was my alarm.  Also, since my power went out the air conditioning unit I have in my window wasn't on pretty much all night so I woke up and it was a million degrees in my room.  And then I forgot to put a mug under my Keurig.  It was a crappy Monday morning!

But anyway, onto This Week In Pins, and also a warning against a pin I've been seeing floating around for the summer.

10 Sentences That Can Change Your Perspective on Life - Need I say more?
Correct Breathing While Running - I always want to be a runner but asthma makes it difficult.  Hopefully this will help!
Word Art - Paint a canvas in gradient colors, then top with letter stickers when dry.  Paint over the stickers with black paint and then peel them off.  I keep meaning to do one of these!
Dogs That Know Exactly How You Feel This Morning - So funny!
Mini Mason Jar Candy Cupcake - This is too adorable I can't even deal.

Now onto the one to stay away from.  There's a pin going around saying to shave your legs with baby oil gel instead of shaving cream for super soft skin!  Sounds legit enough, right?  So the other day I picked up some baby oil gel and gave it a try.

No.  Just no.

Let's start with one of the most basic things we learn in science class when we learn about mixing things.  Let's all say it together:  oil and water don't mix!  So when you're in the shower and you're putting oil on your legs, regardless of what form it is in, it is going to react negatively.  For me, it just beaded up and hung out there.  I already use a razor that doesn't need shaving cream so I didn't get razor burn but that could probably happen.  Then when I went to rinse off my razor, the back of the razor would just get a ton of buildup and gunk and I had to put body wash on my razor every time I tried to rinse it off just to break down the oil.  It took so long to shave my legs.

When I got out of the shower it was even worse.  The baby oil gel didn't sink in to my skin at all, given the fact that I was putting it on when I was soaking wet and it was again reacting negatively to the water.  My legs felt so oily all day.  I was going to a baseball game that night and wanted to put my self tanner on but I feel like because of the oil, the tanner didn't apply very well, or evenly for that matter, and wasn't really able to make contact with my skin because of the barrier. 

I was going to recommend using this as it is suggested on the bottle, which is to apply to damp skin after a bath, but even that didn't work very well for me as it just sat on my skin, even when I towel-dried my skin to the least damp state I could get it.  So just don't put yourself through this.  It was awful and gross and when it's summer time, the last thing you want to feel is extra sticky, and when you're sweating and you have baby oil... ew.

I impart my wisdom onto all of you and hope you don't go through the same thing!