Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Healthy Living: Volume #6

Remember that time when I was going to be on vacation and do all these bloggy things?  Sorry to have been neglectful!  I got wrapped up in all sorts of bettering my apartment projects (including reorganizing my makeup stash!) and time just went buh-bye.  I also went and saw Beyonce on Thursday night (which was UH.MAZE.ING. AND Jay Z came out at the end and kissed her!  Eeeep to the cuteness) and the next day I had a total concert hangover.  Same with Sunday when I saw the Lumineers on Saturday (they didn't go on until 10:15 and I am way too old to be out that late!)  But I do have plans of posts and I'm going to get my favorites up within the next few days so I will be much better, I promise!

But anyway, on to the healthy!

Last Week's Weight:  155.4
This Week's Weight:  153.2

AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!!!  I lost weight!!  Like, a somewhat significant amount of weight!  I am so excited.

That's two of these!

What Went Wrong
I'm actually very proud of last week.  So I'm just going to go right into what went right!

What Went Right
Well, again, seeing as how I had off all week it made it very easy for me to workout every day.  I discovered my love for the Transform Your Body with Brooke Burke DVD.  That thing is kicking my ass.  I forgot what it felt like to really push myself in a workout until I went to this.  It is tough.  But it feels amazing when I'm done!  I also went down to Ocean City, NJ to take some pictures and walked the entire length of the boardwalk and back, plus probably five blocks each way to where I parked so that was a nice little workout!  I went out and jogged/walked around a park by my apartment as well.  I mixed it all up and loved every minute of it!

I also was very diligent with logging all my food into MyFitnessPal.  I have been addicted to making little pizza paninis on 100 calorie english muffins with light Babybel cheese, pizza sauce and then toppings of choice!  I started with mushrooms and spinach but then I ran out of that so I just did chicken.  All sorts of delicious!  Put it on your George Forman Grille for like 5 minutes and it is melty, gooey goodness for like 200 calories. 

Goals For This Week
So far I'm just trying to keep my eating right.  I had a really bad allergic reaction to a Bath & Body Works lotion/body wash combo so my skin is not really happy with life right now so I'm not trying to do anything to overheat it.  Until I get that under control I'm probably not going to workout in fear of making everything worse than it already is.  Hopefully it should be all under control by tomorrow or Friday so I won't be on the sideline for too long, especially since I get to eat more when I workout!  And I looove to eat!