Monday, June 24, 2013

Review & Lookbook: Disney by Sephora Storylook Palette Volume 3: Ariel

I hope you guys had a great weekend and hopefully a wonderful Monday.  I'm enjoying Game 6 of the Stanley Cup finals right now (go Boston!) as well as some wrestling along with my power going in and out from the crazy storms rolling through.  Hopefully it sticks around long enough for me to get this post up!

I've been enjoying playing around with the Ariel palette (go here for some swatch action!).  Keep on reading to see some looks I created, as well as how I'm feeling about it!

I was really excited to play around with the blue colors in this palette.  Obviously with Ariel being so closely associated with the sea and water the blue colors were incredibly prominent.  I came across the same problems with this blue as I did with some of the more colorful colors in the Jasmine palette in that they seemed to fade incredibly fast.  I had to keep building and building the color.  It seemed like any time I added another shadow I had to add more of Blue Lagoon.  I still don't feel like it performed as well as it should by the end of the look and it definitely faded substantially by the end of the day.  It was still pretty but I would love if they could get their act together on this issue since I was really looking forward to this color.  Otherwise the other colors in this look performed well.  I used Blue Lagoon on the lid, Triton in the inner corner, Flotsam in the outer corner/crease, Caspian Sea on the lower lash line, Flounder to blend out the crease and Scuttle to as the brow bone highlight.

This was just a neutral look and I truly have no idea what colors I used.  It would probably benefit me to keep track of that, no?  I'm going to guess and say Wanderin Free on the lid, Les Poissons in the crease and the lower lash line.  I don't recall having any problems with these colors but in all three palettes the neutral colors have performed like a dream.

And of course there had to be a purple look.  I love my purples!  This one used Sea Shells on the base, Unfortunate Souls in the crease, Sea Witch in outer corner/defining crease and then a few neutrals to blend up to the crease and highlight.  I liked this look a lot and had no problems with fading or pigmentation, which is a nice change for the purples!  I want to do a more Sea Witch focused look with that all over the lid to see how well it lasts but I didn't really have an occasion that called for something so dramatic.

And another neutral look.  I wanted to see how Triton looked wet so that was really the purpose of this. It wasn't as impressive as I was hoping.  It was fairly pigmented but I thought it would have more of a foil look to it.  I was wrong unfortunately, but it still is pretty.  The rest of these were previously tested (Les Poissons, etc.)

Did I mention that I'm also obsessed with greens?  And apparently really messy eyebrows.  Whoops!  Anyway, I love these colors!  I think they're really pretty and they stay true-to-color all day.  I had no problems with fading or lack of pigmentation throughout the day.  Color me happy!  Fins is the featured lid color with Atlantica in the inner corner, which unfortunately I couldn't get to photograph nearly as beautifully as it is in person.  I used Jetsam to intensify the outer corner and Les Poissons to blend out the greens with neutrals up to the eyebrow.  I then used Atlantica, Triton and Fins on the lower lash line.

Also, this is generally what I'm dealing with when trying to put my makeup on.  She hops up on the seat and then bites my arm to get my attention.  So fun! ;) <-- That's my sarcastic face.  But seriously, she's adorable.

The one day I was looking at the palette and Sebastian and Flotsam are right next to each other.  I happen to love corals and pinks with dark blues.  And it dawned on me that day that they are right next to each other and obviously meant for me to make a look out of them.  So I did.  And hi, can we also talk about how in love I am with this Rimmel London Lip Lacquer in Stellar.  Omgosh.  But that's for another day.

And last but not least I wanted to try out Sha La La, which is the reddish color of the palette.  I was unimpressed with the staying power as this was another one that just seemed to fade right before my eyes as I was applying the rest of my makeup.  Not to say it didn't fade to be a pretty color.  This is the look I wore today and it really held just like the picture looks as I'm looking at it on my face right now, but in the same regard, I want it to look how it looks when I apply it initially.  This was the same frustration I had with Arabian Nights in the Jasmine palette.  I really think if they kept up with these palettes they could nail some of these formulas a little better!

Overall I'm really loving this.  With all the bright blues and greens I think this is a wonderful palette to play around with in the summer and is versatile enough that it can be used in all situations.  I would say that my favorite shades would probably be Fins, Atlantica, Sebastian and Flotsam.  The ones that I was let down by were Triton and Blue Lagoon.  I would say this is worth the buy, however, as the good vastly outweighs the bad and the eyeshadow quality is pretty much on par with the other two palettes in this collection.  Plus it's so darn pretty!  

I shall see you guys on Wednesday with my next volume of Healthy Living!