Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Ramble: Healthy Hair

Hi all!

I should be back later with another post (ipsy and Birchbox) but I've been feeling like my Blog hasn't been getting as much love on my part as it should so today shall be a two post kind of day!

Two weeks ago I went from having dark brown/honey blonde ombre hair to having orange/strawberry blonde hair (sidenote:  apparently people have a negative connotation to calling hair "orange".  Why?  It is what it is!). 

That being said it obviously was quite the process.  I went from having my hair stripped, to having it foil bleached, to having the color put on, to having it blown out.  My hair was a trooper and definitely wasn't nearly as damaged as I thought it would be but I could certainly tell that it needed a little extra love and care to be nursed back to a place where we both were happy.

Tip #1:  Ditch the heat.  This is something I try to abide by in the summer in general (I guess because it's hot out and I feel like my hair already gets enough heat? ).  I let my hair air dry unless I have somewhere to go where I want it to look nice.  I also try to not use a curling iron too much.  On the plus side, letting your hair air dry gives you time to do something else!  Or in my case just gives me extra time to do my makeup and watch TV in the morning.  Another good thing to ditch?  Putting your hair up in a "turban" when it's wet.  While it is helping to dry, it's also breaking your hair!

Tip #2:  Feed it with good things!  When your hair is wet it is at its weakest point, but it's also at the point where you want to make sure it gets some good nutrients.  It's a 10 Miracle Leave-In Plus Keratin has been one of those products that has been sitting in my collection and not being used forever.  I always thought because it was a leave-in conditioner that it would weigh down my hair but it has really helped!  It does a bunch of different things for your hair (10 to be exact - or so they claim), including detangling (super important on wet hair so you're not pulling and breaking already damaged hair) and conditioning, two things that I was needing.  I also feel like it has helped give my hair a bit of a thicker texture, possibly from the infusion of the keratin.  Not to say that this is going to give you thicker hair but prior to using this, when I would air dry my hair it would just be limp and not have much to it.  This gives it a little more movement and "oomf" than it had before.  I also started using Got 2b Oil-licious Calm & Shine Styling Oil which is made up of argan, white grape and marula oils and makes your hair look and feel healthy.  Do be careful with applying this, however, especially if your hair is fine and straight like mine as it says on the bottle that it will devolumize hair (who would want that?!), so I usually just apply it to the shaft and ends and stay far, far away from my roots.

Tip #3:  Deep ConditionThis will be a huge difference maker even though you should only do it once a week.  Currently I'm using the L'Oreal Total Repair 5 Damage Erasing Balm which I've been enjoying.  My best hair day is when I use this!  It's a thicker consistency and just feels like heaven.  I leave it on for 5 minutes in the shower after shampooing with my regular shampoo.

Those are my tips.  Do you have any?  Have you been through a similar process?  I'm in love with the end result but boy was it a trip getting there!