Wednesday, June 5, 2013

May Favorites & Retrospective

Good evening!  Hope everyone is having a wonderful day.  I'm finally getting a free night to do my favorites and I'm also going to start doing a bit of a retrospective for the month as well!

So even though I've been bouncing around between all the different palettes in my collection, I keep going to the Naked Basics palette.  When I tried to use it on its own I didn't love it, but I'm really enjoying it as a supplemental palette to ones that don't offer matte neutrals or any neutrals at all.  Regardless of the look you're going for, you're going to need some colors to help you blend out edges and colors to highlight.  This helps with all of that!

I randomly reached for this one day and I didn't go back.  This is the one in the shade Neutral and it is a self-adjusting blush that makes itself the perfect color for your skin.  Trust me when I say this looks amazing!  It gives me the perfect flush of color and when I blend it into my highlight it just looks absolutely perfect.  I am so in love with this!

This was from a limited edition collection that I believe came out around the holidays and it is in the color The Muse's Shine.  Although you can't necessarily tell from this picture, this is a gloss completely made up of finely milled gold glitter.  This has been a really nice addition to any lipstick I've been using as I just dab a bit in the center of my lips.  It adds a gorgeous shine and some serious dimension.

For whatever reason I never gave this brush too much of a chance.  I recently started using it and it makes blending in the "outer v" so easy!  The angle is perfect to get the proper shape and then if you turn it vertically to blend it makes it seem so effortless.  This is a brush that does every ounce of work for you and I love brushes like that!

I have been in loove with this scent!  It's perfect for summer as it smells super coconutty and delicious.  From the website, the top notes are juicy Thia mango, Fuji apple and white nectarine;  mid notes are passionflower, vanilla orchard and casaba melon; and dry notes are coconut cream, Tahitian vanilla and Indonesian sandalwood.  Delicious.

These cups were in a 98 cent bin at Wal Mart.  I had gotten the two Thor ones forever ago and I found the Captain America and Ironman one a couple trips ago.  I just adore them!  So stinkin' cute.

So while I have been loving the Aruba Coconut on me, this London Calling scent has been my absolute favorite home scent.  It is perfect for any season and smells AMAZING.  I think this was only supposed to be limited edition but they re-released them so I will be stocking up on them very soon.  I have the wallflower in my room also and it just is the most amazing, soothing scent on the planet.  I love it!!!

This is the most random thing ever but I love these straws!  I like drinking my drinks from straws and these are just so fun!  And they go so well with...

My cute little star ice cubes!!!  So in love.

My Dad found me this cabinet for my kitchen a couple weeks ago and it has helped my kitchen life so much. I have very little counter space in my kitchen so I'm loving having this to put my coffee machine on there and have some extra storage!  Plus I looove this flower arrangement I got at Ikea!  Their fake flowers are amazing!

So many people think they're real! ;)

So May brought to a close something that I loved very much, and that would be the TV show Smash.  If you follow my blog, you know that pretty much every month I rave about it in my favorites.  I'm really sad to see it go since I think they have such a talented cast.  I'm really hoping that it gets picked up by another network.  That would be super fantastic!

I went to lots of Phillies games this month and I'm happy to see that things are starting to look up a bit for my team.  They're getting into a bit of a better rhythm and hopefully since the beginning of our season was so terrible that will be the only bump in the road we hit and we'll just be awesome the rest of the season while all the rest of the NL East hits their terrible streaks and falls down below us.  That would be swell!

I also celebrated my 3-year anniversary with my boyfriend so that's exciting!  We celebrated the Saturday before, as we always do, by going to Free Comic Book Day at his comic book shop in Delaware and then going to see the newest superhero movie, this year being Ironman 3 (year 1:  Thor; year 2:  Avengers), and then just ordered in and watched some hockey since he's a Red Wings (and Flyers) fan and the Red Wings had a playoff game that night.

And I'm posting these even though I technically went in June, but Wizard World started on May 31 so I'm just gonna go with that.  We went this past Saturday and had a pretty good time!  It was a loooong day between trying to find parking, which took forever, and then asking for sketches and waiting around until they closed to get them.  I was happy that I was there only for art, though.  I had thought about meeting Norman Reedus again (I met him last year) but I'm glad I didn't because all the lines for autographs and pictures were out of control!  But I did snap some pictures with my new camera, woohoo!

Only at Comic Con... lol

City Hall in Philadelphia.  I love that building!

I have no idea who this guy was supposed to be!

I loved that this guy is covered in blood just calmly sitting there checking his cell phone.

Zombie dancing!

Hawkeye and Captain America just walking the streets, looking for justice.

Last year I went to Reading Terminal for dinner and there were so many people dressed up and walking around and it cracked me up.  This year I vowed to go take pictures there!  And this was pretty fantastic.

Lego Batman!



Bane taking some time from terrorizing the world to snap some pictures.

And then I made Macaroni my unwilling subject.  I snapped a couple but I'll spare you the overload of pictures for the day!

So that was May!  Hope you all had an equally wonderful month.  I should be back within the next couple days with my next Lookbook and a new hair color!