Thursday, May 30, 2013

Lookbook: {Rediscovered} The Color Workshop

Whew, it is toasty outside!  I finally caved in to running the air conditioning in my apartment much to my chagrin.  I was in total denial about how hot it was outside until I came home and it felt like an oven.  Oh well, only a couple days of this and then it'll break and I can have my windows open again!

I'm back with this week's installment of my Lookbook.  I was rediscovering my Color Workshop palette that I received for Christmas, but to be fair I hadn't actually used the palette before, only swatched.  I guess it was a full on discovery!

I always gravitate towards a palette's brightest colors when I'm first starting out with it because I think that says a lot about the quality of the palette.  These were easy to work with and had good color payoff but I was bummed that the frosty shimmer of it was only surface.  Once you end up getting through the frost on top the colors are matte below, which is okay I suppose, but I enjoyed the shimmer!

(Sorry for the blurry right one!  It's the only looking down one I had >.<) I also have to do a smokey eye and I love that this palette comes with a reddish brown color as that's my favorite base for a smokey eye.  The color payoff of that particular color was wonderful when used over a primer and the color stayed true for about six hours before it started to fade a little bit.  I used a charcoal shimmer color in the outer corner and some of the colors from my Urban Decay Naked Basics Palette to blend out as there is a severe lack of matte neutral colors in this Color Workshop palette.

Obviously I was a fan of this yellow!  This time I toned it down and smoked it out a bit.  I really enjoy this look a lot, and can I just obsess over my outfit for a minute?  I forgot how adorable this dress was!

I got it at Forever 21 last year but obviously we lost touch over the Winter months.  Eep, so cute!

And lastly, a purple smokey eye.  I enjoyed these colors quite a lot actually and I felt the pigmentation lasted pretty well over primer.  I went to the Philadelphia Phillies game last night and only noticed it fading once I was at the game.

This week I truly didn't wear too much makeup since I had a very lazy three day weekend so this palette may be revisited down the line but for now, that's that!  Next up is my Urban Decay Naked 2 Palette which I don't even remember the last time I used it.

Also, in exciting news, I got my new camera!  Hip hop horray!  I'm going to try to actually film my May favorites so we'll see how that goes, and if I even have the time to try.  My weekend is going to be very busy!  I have Wizard World on Saturday, which is essentially a large Comic Book Convention in Philadelphia, and then I'm taking my Dad to the Phillies game on Sunday for his Father's Day gift and then another Phillies game Tuesday so hopefully I'll be able to squeeze a video in.  If I'm not feeling up to trying to film, I'll just go ahead and make a blog post.

I'm also going to be trying some of the products I got in my Influenster Spring VoxBox so I'll be sure to write some reviews on that stuff, too!