Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Blog Update: Part 2!

Hello again!

So remember that time when I thought that Blogspot was going to be super cool to me and if I changed my domain name that it would be super easy to just forward everything all nice and flowy and the world was gonna be perfect?  Yeah, well, I'm silly.  I changed the address to, which then meant that any links that went to went to a "this site no longer exists" error page, which meant that every blog post I ever posted came up to a dead end.  That didn't work out so well.  So I changed it back and caved in and bought a domain!  Woohoo!

The site can still be accessed through the address, but now it can be more easily accessed through  And this was after hours upon hours of frustration with Google just to try to activate the darn domain.  It has been a stressful day lol But it's all up and running and peachy keen so yay for that!

I'll probably be back tonight with an actual blog post about makeup and things so check back later!