Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Ulta & Charming Charlie Haul!

Well, hello!  I am so sorry that I have been MIA!  I work in accounting firm so January - April 15 is usually pretty nuts.  Needless to say I am looking forward to next Monday!

Anybeans, this past Saturday I went on a little shopping trip.  Truth be told, I was out to dinner with a friend on Tuesday at the mall and we happened to wander into Charming Charlie.  A couple things caught my eye but I knew I had coupons at home so I wanted to go back over the weekend to stock up on some summery stuff!  And while I was out I stopped off at Ulta too.  Never hurts, right? :-)

So first, Ulta.  I had gone there a couple weeks ago because I knew the new Kardashian stuff was supposed to be coming out soon and they have this primer that was intriguing me that I wanted to try.  Of course they were totally out of it but I was able to snag a couple other things!

Khroma Beauty Joystick Lip Lacquer in Sea Coral
I had picked up their nude lip set when their makeup line first came out and I really enjoyed the lipstick that came with it.  I felt that, while it was a bit drying, the staying power was amazing.  As long as a gloss is applied on top the dryness problem is easily fixable! I almost picked up one of the new glosses too but that was one of the things I put back when I realized that I had way too much stuff in my bag!

Khroma Beauty Nail Polish in Cherry Blossom Honey
I wanted to try their nail polish pretty badly also, and considering that in the three shoe boxes full of nail polish I don't have this lavendery-girly-pinky color, I decided to give this one a try!  They didn't have a huge selection of polishes, I would say probably about 15 shades?  And that might be a stretch.  They did have two straight glitter polishes (a gold and a silver) that I remember, along with some nudes and a purply blue.  I wouldn't say anything was crazy out of the ordinary.

Revlon Colorstay Eyeshadow Palette in Sea Mist
 I also happened upon the Gucci Westman Summer Collection for Revlon and I just couldn't say no to this palette.  I am such a sucker for blues, greens and purples.  This one has a pretty shade of coral, a light teal/blue, a deep navy/purple and a lovely deep green.  So yeah, I think this palette was essentially made just for me!

Revlon Lip Butter in Pink Lemonade
I have been on the hunt for this for weeks and it has always been out at the Lip Butter displays!  This one looked to have been opened before but it didn't look like it was tampered with (thank goodness!) so I snatched it up right away!  It's a nice shade of pink that is plenty pigmented and a great color that will work with any look.

Revlon Chroma Chameleon Nail Varnish in Amethyst

Revlon Chroma Chameleon Nail Varnish in Cobalt
The funny thing is that I have heard that these have been popping up here and there and I saw a picture of them that the Revlon Facebook page posted before I left.  Needless to say, when I saw this display I jumped right on top!  Again, can't say no to blues, especially navys!  Cobalt doesn't seem as blatantly duo-chrome as some of the other ones.  It may have a purple and/or lighter blue duo-chrome to it but in the bottle it's tough to tell.  It definitley has some sparkle to it, though!  As for Amethyst, it obviously has a purple base with green/blue duo-chrome.  They both look beautiful!

Essence I <3 Extreme Crazy Volume Mascara
And last but certainly not least is this Essence mascara.  I had been catching up on some YouTube videos before I headed out shopping and Emily from Beauty Broadcast had mentioned this in her Best Of video for March.  I'm not one to say no to trying new mascaras, especially when they're only $5.00.  Plus this tube is adorable that even if it doesn't work out, I can keep it for happy reasons!

And then off I went to Charming Charlie.  If you aren't familiar with this wonderful gift to womenkind, it is primarily a jewelery store that is sectioned off by color and has everything you could ever want.  They also carry purses, shoes, clothes, hats, hair accessories and fun little other things.  It is legit one of my absolute favorite stores to get lost in!

The main reason why I needed to go back to this store was to get this:

When I went in on Tuesday, I saw this and fell in love.  Then it proceeded to haunt me day and night until I went and bought it, which is generally what purses do to me.  They had this in a bigger satchel-type bag, but it was a light blue and I liked this teal.  Plus it prevents me from packing it to the gills, which I always tend to do.

So after I grabbed this off the shelf, I wandered around for a while.  I pretty much wanted everything, and I think I'll be going back next week because I have an idea for something, which I will discuss toward the end of the post.  But regardless, on to the pretties!!

And then some clothes...

Obviously I have a thing for teal.  And I'm still absolutely loving the high/low trend.  It makes me feel like a goddess, especially the dresses!  The sweater was actually on clearance but I figured I can still get a couple good wears out of it before the summer comes.

Hi Simba!
I absolutely love this shirt.  It's so bright and happy and it also has the high/low thing going on.  I also, even when I was trying this on, felt like Belle from Beauty and the Beast.  I guess just the color and the flow of it made me feel like her.  And then I was walking around looking at stuff and so much stuff reminded me of Jasmine from Aladdin, who we all know I love.  So then I got to thinking that maybe I'd do a Disney Princess themed thing on here.  I could do an outfit and jewelery and makeup.  Not that it hasn't been done before by any means but I'm obsessed with Disney and I think it could be fun!  So we shall see!

Anyway, that's all my stuff!  Let me know if there's anything you'd like to see a review on.  I'll probably already do one of the eyeshadow palette so if there's anything else give me a shout!