Monday, April 22, 2013

Review: Revlon Sea Mist Palette (Gucci Westman Summer Collection)

In my last Ulta haul I stumbled upon the Gucci Westman Summer Collection and was immediately drawn to the Sea Mist palette.  It contains four eyeshadows and a sponge-tip applicator brush.  I'm a little on the fence about Revlon eyeshadow palettes in general.  I haven't always had the greatest luck with pigmentation but I'm always so drawn to their color combinations.  Plus my overstated love for their lip and nail products keeps me coming back!   Check out my thoughts after the jump!

As mentioned above, there are four eyeshadows in this palette:  one peachy-pink flesh tone color; a light, slightly shimmery sea/sky blue; a deep violet that leans more on the matte side even though it looks a little shimmery in the pan; and a deep hunter green with a slight shimmer.

The swatches above were taken over Urban Decay Primer Potion.  The top row are dry and the bottom row are wet.

These shadows need a primer.  I cannot begin to stress that enough.  And not a primer like the primer that you're given in some of their palettes that is the weird skin tone, powder primer.  No.  This needs a legit primer that has proven to you that it can both make the colors pop and sustain the life of your shadows.  Otherwise you will not love this palette in the slightest bit and you will be incredibly disappointed with both the pigmentation and the wear.

The shadows mostly lasted on me all day when used with primer.  Certain colors were bigger offenders than others.  The purple shade creased on me after about eight hours of wear when worn as the main color (all over the lid), but the others wore well for me.  I felt that they benefited from being applied wet as it amplifies the pigmentation on the blue and prolongs the wear a little bit.  I didn't have any problems with creasing and I wore it well into the night after applying it around 7:30am.

Below are a few of the looks I created:

Colors placed as directed by the packaging:  Light blue on the lid, green in the crease and blended up to the eyebrow, purple in the outer corner, skin-tone color used as highlight
Green on the lid, light blue on the inner corners, both wet.

Purple on lid and blended into crease, light blue blended above purple and inner corner, skin-tone color as highlight

As you can see, the middle look when I used the colors wet really made them pop.  The last look was the one I had the most trouble with as far as fading and creasing went.

Overall I think this is a nice palette.  If you're looking for something with 100% pigmentation that's going to knock your socks off, this will disappoint you, but if you don't mind a softer, sheerer color that can help create a softer smoky eye or a fun pop of color, you might want to give this a try.  This is limited edition though and I think there is only one in every display (maybe two) so if you want it, snatch it once you see it!

Thanks for stopping by and I'll be back around soon!  I just picked up a couple things today from Walgreens (I went in for makeup wipes and milk... I came out with two eyeshadows, two nail polishes, a foundation and then what I needed lol) so if I'm in love with anything from that little haul enough to review (which I'm thinking I might be!) then I'll review some of those!