Friday, April 19, 2013

April Ipsy bag & Birchbox

Ugh, what a terrible week, huh?  Too many tragedies to count and plenty of places to send my love and thoughts to.  So in an effort to take my mind off things for a little while and to enjoy my first day off post-tax season, I bring you my April Birchbox and Ipsy bag!

First my Ipsy bag.

This month's theme is quite obviously Pretty in Pink (which, for the record, is my favorite Brat Pack movie!).  The bag is a nice simple bag of white with pink trim and an adorable pink/white striped inside.

This sample is a .07 oz bottle of Big Sexy Hair POW! Powder Play Volumizing and Texterizing Powder.  The directions state to apply at the root on your dry hair for lift.  I have a similar product and I can't find it or for the life of me remember who it is by, but this gives your hair a bit of a dirty feeling that makes it easy to manipulate.  It's wonderful for teasing as it helps hold the volume, and my hair generally has a hard time keeping volume at the roots.

Next is Be A Bombshell Blush in Sweet Cheeks.  In the picture it looks matte but it actually has a lot of shimmer and iridescence to it.  It's incredibly pigmented and when I used it for the first time, it definitely was WAY too much!  It should be used with a very light hand, but when used properly, it definitely gives the face a beautiful glow while adding a nice pop of color on the cheeks.

This one is Two Cosmetics eyeshadow in Heartache.  The color on the left is a shimmery baby pink and the color on the right is a rosy/mauve matte pink.  I haven't tried to use this on the eye but when swatched on my hand with no primer, the colors weren't too pigmented.  This is definitely not for someone looking for an intense eye but will be nice for a softer, more neutral eye with some liner.

Lastly we received a Sation Nail Lacquer in Love At First Byte.  It's a blush nude that's really pretty.  It reminds me of a retro-50's style color that my grandmother would have worn, and I mean that in the least awful way possible lol I'm planning on using it on my toes today with some sort of black polka dots or stripes.

And then of course on the back of the theme card you get codes for discounts for every company that participated in the bag this month.  These include 30% off and 1 free eye shadow from Be A Bombshell Cosmetics; 30% of from MICA Beauty Cosmetics; 20% of Miss (Sation Nail Polish); $5 off Sexy Hair; and 25% off and a free lip gloss from Two Cosmetics.

And now for my Birchbox:

This month, Birchbox teamed up with Women's Health to bring us a Tiny Tweaks, Big Results box.  The letter from Birchbox is as follows:

Hi there,
 Spring has sprung, and we're ready for a little change.  That's why we teamed up with Women's Health for this month's Birchbox.  The magazine's beauty and wellness experts put together a collection of their favorite products, all designed to help you fine-tune your lifestyle.
Our philosophy?  Tiny tweaks, big results.  We all know that the little things - weekly face masks, nightly eye cream, or five minutes in the sunshine - can make all the difference.  That's why we've got plenty of ways that you can improve your overall outlook.  First step:  Test out your new samples and share photos of how you're using them with this month's hashtag #TinyTweaks!
And don't forget to follow the hashtag, where we'll be sharing tips and tricks for using your products, hosting fun giveaways, and giving you plenty of beauty and wellness inspiration.

Nexxus Hydra-Light Leave-In Conditioning Foam
From Card:  This new glycerin-infused styling foam tamps down frizz and reflects light to up the shine factor - without weighing down strands.  Full-size, $16.99

I tried this a few times and I really like it!  I like that they made a leave-in conditioner as a foam because it definitely does help with it not weighing down fine hair.  I've tried it on both wet and dry hair and it doesn't weigh hair down on either type.  Plus this baby is huge!  I'm pretty sure this is a full size so yeah, $10 well spent!

Sumita Eye Shadow Pencil
From Card:  Subtle or sultry?  You choose.  This versatile eye shadow pencil glides on easily and lets you create a range of looks.  Full-size, $11

This is a pretty little purple pencil!  The color has some iridescence to it that only amps up the beauty.  I haven't tried it on my lid but when swatched it was gorgeous.  When I did swatch it, however, it rubbed off really easily so I don't know what that will say about the staying power.

Sugergoop!  Advanced SPF 37 Anti-Aging Eye Cream
From Card:  At last:  an eye cream with serious sun protection.  Plus, an innovative formula has an oat peptide complex to firm skin.  Full-size, $45
I haven't tried this since I'm pretty much in love with my current eye cream, but maybe once I use that one up I'll give some of my samples a try.  The formula is a thinner, waterier formula and feels nice on the skin from the small bit I rubbed on my hand.

Yes To Cucumbers Facial Towelettes
From Card:  Packed with skin-brightening cucumber, these all natural towelettes gently exfoliate and detoxify.  Bonus:  They're 100% biodegradable.  Full-size, $5.99

I actually got three but I did use one.  I wasn't a gigantic fan of them as they don't really remove makeup as well as I would like them to but they work in a pinch.  Plus I'm not a huge fan of the smell of cucumbers so having that lasting on my face all night long didn't help much either.  But they're great on the go and was easy to throw in my overnight bag.

Beauty Extra:  Yes To Grapefruit Daily Facial Scrub & Dark Spot Correcting Serum
From Card:  Mild enough to use every day, this zesty exfoliator contains lemon balm and grapefruit to clarify skin.  The serum works to reverse spots caused by acne, aging, and sun damage.   Full-size, $9.99-19.99

I haven't given these guys a try yet but I'm more prone to enjoying the scent of grapefruit on my face than cucumber!

We also get, from what I gather from the little card, a year's subscription to Women's Health for free!  I already get this magazine so I'm not using it but I thought that was a nice add-in!

And that's everything!  I hope you're all having a wonderful day.  Stay safe and keep positive.  That's all we can do in times like these.